Bonded Pair of Stray Dogs Reunited After Rescue; Now They’re Looking For Their Forever Home Together

While strolling through the rows of kennels at Georgia’s Walker County Animal Shelter, it’s impossible not to notice this pair of big-eyed terrier mixes cuddling close together. In fact, you’ll never find them far apart! Although they aren’t actually attached at the hip, these recent intakes are a bonded pair who arrived at the shelter together and are looking for their forever home together, too. 

bonded pair

Meet Dawn and Meg! These precious Pittie girls are estimated to be between two and four years old, and they came to the shelter as strays in December. Dawn is the dark brown and white-colored dog, and she’s the smaller of the pair at 39 pounds. Meanwhile, her tan and white-colored friend Meg weighs 57 pounds. It’s unclear whether the girls are related or what their lives used to be like, but one thing is for sure–they will never spend a day apart ever again.

The Start of Something New for Two Strays

bonded pair

In mid-December, a good samaritan called the Walker County shelter about a pair of dogs who had been spotted many times in the same Lafayette area. When Animal Control arrived to collect the dogs, however, Meg was nowhere to be found. Even so, Dawn was brought to the shelter on December 18, ready for her new lease on life. There was just one problem– she missed Meg! 

The Sadness of Separating a Bonded Pair

For the first 11 days that Dawn was at the shelter, she was extremely shut down and unresponsive. The sweet rescued dog didn’t so much as wag her tail until the day the very same good samaritan called back. They’d spotted and contained Meg, so it didn’t take long for Animal Control to bring her to the shelter, too. The moment the bonded pair of dogs were reunited–everything changed!

bonded pair

As Walker County Animal Shelter recalls, “Once reunited at the shelter, they both seemed very relieved to see each other. We aren’t sure if they are related or have just been together for a while, but they are definitely bonded.” It’s no wonder why they’re always in a cuddle puddle! The time apart only strengthened their bond, and it ensured the shelter staff that these gals needed to go home together. 

Bonded Pairs Can Be Difficult to Find Homes For

Unfortunately, finding a forever home for a bonded pair of dogs can prove to be even harder than finding perfect homes for individual pets. Bringing home two dogs means making two vet appointments, purchasing twice the amount of food, and buying two of everything (though Meg and Dawn will be perfectly happy with one super-sized dog bed). You may anticipate twice the chaos, too, but these bonded gals are the definition of calm. 

bonded pair

In a January 11 Facebook post, the Walker County shelter explains, “They are super friendly and extremely laid back. They’ve presented no issues here at the shelter, and we’ve never once heard a peep from them. We think they would do best in a calm home environment that has lots of love to give!” Because Dawn and Meg have been easygoing with their shelter neighbors, they could do well in a home with other calm dogs. 

Finding Dawn and Meg’s Happily Ever After

Both girls are microchipped, spayed, and up-to-date on vaccinations. That means they’re ready to go home! They even posed for pictures outside in the shelter’s yard to show off their best angles, so they can’t be too far off from finding their perfect family.

bonded pair

Dawn and Meg’s inspiring story of friendship and rescue is a great reminder for potential adopters to keep an open mind. Adopting a bonded pair of dogs can be incredibly fun and rewarding, and who doesn’t want twice the puppy love?

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