9 Newborn Puppies Running Out of Time as Rescuers Scramble to Save Them

A litter of three-day-old puppies faces imminent eviction in South Central Los Angeles. These puppies, born into unfortunate circumstances, are currently at risk due to the inability of their mother to nurse and the owner’s reluctance to provide necessary care.

mama dog and puppies

Already, three of the puppies have succumbed since their birth, leaving nine others in a precarious state of survival. Without immediate intervention, these innocent creatures could be abandoned, left to fend for themselves on the streets, a fate they are ill-equipped to handle at such a tender age.

What Will Happen to Mom?

The future of the puppies’ mother remains uncertain. As of now, it is unclear whether the owner will relinquish her alongside her litter. The community holds onto hope that the owner will make a compassionate decision, allowing both the mother and her remaining puppies a chance at a better life.

The rescue is currently seeking fosters to bottle-feed these newborn puppies. If you can help care for these young dogs, please reach out to The Pooch Posse @thepoochposse on Instagram. You can access their website through this link.