The 8 Best AirTag Dog Collars On Amazon

 In the eternal quest to keep our pets safe, some people have gotten creative. A relatively new trend is using Apple AirTag dog collars, which utilize Apple’s Airtag technology to keep track of your pooch’s whereabouts. Let’s start with the basics: an AirTag is a wireless Bluetooth device, Apple’s answer to the wildly popular Tile. When activated, this little gizmo allows you to easily locate whatever it happens to be attached to. Scroll to the bottom to understand the pros and cons of using air tag dog collars.

The Best Apple AirTag Dog Collars

There are a lot of different products on the market, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.Whether you’re looking for a stylish dog collar with a pouch for a tracker or want one that makes the AirTag as discreet as possible, you’ll find an option below.

1. Case-Mate Dog Tag

Air tags dog collar

The Case-Mate Airtag Dog Collar Holder is a protective case designed specifically for the Apple Airtag tracking device. It is water resistant, so it can be used in rainy or wet conditions, and it is designed to be attached to a dog’s collar. This lightweight holder is designed to securely keep the Airtag in place and protect it from scratches. It’s easy to insert and remove the Airtag from the holder. The holder is made of soft silicone and is compatible with most cat and dog collars. 

Reviews declare this simple solution to be “secure and stylish”! It’s a simple clip, which can be added to any collar to make it AirTag compatible, which means it will also function as an AirTag cat collar.If you want a dog collar with a hidden AirTag, the Case-Mate Dog Tag is one of the lowest-profile options on the market. The case also fully encloses the AirTag, so it’s less likely to be noticed by someone on the hunt for AirTag collars. 

$19.99 – Available on Amazon

2. FEEYAR Reflective AirTag Dog Collar

Air tags dog collar

The FEEYAR Reflective Apple AirTag Dog Collar is a dog collar that includes a built-in holder for the Apple Airtag tracking device. It is designed to be durable and heavy duty, with a reflective strip for added safety. The collar is adjustable, so it can be fitted to your dog’s size, and it is made of durable materials to withstand wear and tear. The built-in holder for the Airtag is designed to securely hold the device in place and protect it from scratches. One review perfectly summarizes this awesome collar: “a secure and aesthetic way of keeping track of your pup!” Available in four sizes, it features two adjustable points ensure the AirTag will always be centered.

$14.99 – Available on Amazon – Buy it Here!

3. Elevation Labs’ TagVault

Air tags dog collar

Another multi-purpose holder, this somewhat bare-bones option functions as both an AirTag cat collar and a dog collar. It easily fits onto most collars, and reviewers agree that it is sturdy and functional. This AirTag collar is also waterproof, and a good option for dogs who like to swim. The mount is advertised as being ultra-durable, and is designed to fit all collar widths. The AirTag tracker can be used to locate a lost pet, or to track the pet’s activity.

$19.99 – Available on Amazon – Buy it Here!

4. Whippy Leather Collar

air tag dog collar

This collar is specifically for dogs, but its gorgeous design and durability are a hit with reviewers. Included with the collar is an optional AirTag holder, which matches the collar, so you can choose whether or not you want to use it.See also  10 REALLY GOOD Squeaky Toys for Dogs

$15.99 – Available on Amazon – Buy it Here!

5. Spigen AirTag Holder

Another multi-use AirTag collar can function as both an AirTag cat collar and an AirTag dog collar! Users love its sleek design, and the durable construction ensures it stays in place. The case is made of a material called TPU, which is known for its durability and flexibility. It has a glossy finish and comes with some additional accessories, such as protective films and rubber bands, to help secure the case to the collar or a backpack strap. The case is designed to be compatible with collars that have a width of 1.0-1.5 inches

$24.99 – Available on Amazon – Buy it Here!

6. Konity AirTag Collar

find your dog with an apple air tag dog collar

If you want a complete collar and love bright colors, then Konity’s AirTag collar is perfect for you! Buyers love the range of stylish colors, and the collar comes in three different sizes. The collar is made of soft and lightweight polyester material and has a built-in silicone case to hold the AirTag securely in place. It is available in a range of sizes to fit different sized pets and has several different pattern options to choose from. The collar has a quick-release buckle and D-ring hardware for easy use.

$13.99 – Available on Amazon – Buy it Here!

7. Typecase Reflective AirTag Collar

reflective airtag dog collar

In addition to its reflective safety coating, the Typecase is sleek, stylish, and durable. The AirTag holder is very well made, which protects the device from the elements. The collar has a built-in case to hold the AirTag securely in place, and it is designed to prevent the AirTag from being chewed or shaken by the pet. The collar is made of durable polyester fabric and has padded neoprene to protect the pet’s neck. It also has reflective straps to increase visibility in low light conditions and a heavy-duty metal clip for attaching a leash. The collar is available in four sizes to fit a range of pet sizes.

$13.99 – Available on Amazon – Buy it Here!

8. DamonLight AirTag Holder

Apple AirTag Dog Collar

To round off our list, we have the ultra durable silicon holder from DamonLight. This adorable option is economical and functional, and users love how it keeps tags from clanging together. The case is designed to be waterproof and has raised bumpers to protect the AirTag from scratches and bumps. It is made of soft, durable silicone and is designed to fit securely on a pet’s collar or on a rope, such as a schoolbag strap or a belt. The case is easy to install

$9.99 – Available on Amazon – Buy it Here!

The Pros & Cons of an Apple AirTag Dog Collar

The Pros of an Apple AirTag Dog Collar

As noted by The New York Times, the greatest advantage of an AirTag cat collar or dog collar is its cost. These devices offer peace of mind for a relatively low price of roughly $29 per tag. In comparison, similar GPS tracking collars can cost up to $300!

Widespread Availability & Compatibility

In terms of functionality, an AirTag collar is a great way to keep an eye on your pets. If your beloved buddies manage to break free, these devices can easily ping a whole lot of people, and that’s all thanks to the ubiquity of Apple products.See also  Dog Sweaters: 4 Ways to Keep Your Pup Warm and Comfy


In addition to tapping into a wide network of users, Apple’s AirTags also provide more precise location information than similar devices. This is thanks to their patented ultrawideband (UWB) tech, which allows users to easily access a compass-like pointer to find their specific tag.

The Cons of an Apple AirTag Dog Collar

However, there are drawbacks to using these devices. While some promotional materials may list pet tracking as a feature, Apple is officially against using it in this manner. Notably, the company has not actually prevented AirTags from being used as such, and many people continue to use AirTag collars.

Short Range

While others may easily contact you by tapping their phone to your pooch’s AirTag, you actually have a relatively small range. In a Reddit discussion about the topic, one user notes that AirTags have limited functionality in rural areas.

Limited Network

Another peculiar quirk of the Apple AirTag is that it may only be registered to a single phone. This means that you will always need to have access to the registered user’s phone, which can be inconvenient for families or couples.

Tips for Putting an AirTag on Your Dog

Dog owners put AirTags on their dogs for lots of reasons. Maybe you have a dog you hunt with or take off-leash hikes with. Maybe you live on a large property or farm. Your dog could be an escape artist or go to doggy daycare where you like to keep track of their whereabouts. No matter why you want an AirTag collar for your dog, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

  • AirTags aren’t waterproof. If your dog spends time off leash, goes duck hunting with you, or likes to jump into the water, you’ll need an AirTag collar that is fully waterproof. The Elevation Labs TagVault is a great waterproof option.
    AirTag batteries last about a year. Luckily, they can be replaced, but be sure to check regularly to make sure your dog’s AirTag is still functioning. Forgetting to do this can mean discovering your dog’s AirTag is out of battery at the wrong time.

Don’t forget to set up your AirTag with your phone. It’s not enough to just buy the AirTag and put it on your dog. You’ll need to connect to the AirTag via your smartphone to enable tracking.

AirTag Collar FAQ

If you’re considering an AirTag collar for your pet, be sure to do your research! If you do not feel that the device will truly benefit you, then there’s no reason for you to invest in one. However, for individuals in suburban or urban areas, these devices are an awesome way to gain some peace of mind.See also  10 Best CBD Dog Treats on the Market

Can You Use Apple AirTag on a Dog?

Though Apple officially discourages it, many people have opted to use an Apple AirTag dog collar for their pooch. As noted above, many of the options on the market are either produced with the AirTag holder built on, or the holder is mounted onto an existing collar.

Are Apple AirTag Collars Water Resistant?

Most collars should be fairly water resistant, but the real problem here is the technology. AirTags are water resistant, not waterproof. They are specifically rated as IP67, which means that they may be submerged up to one meter underwater for half an hour. This doesn’t mean you should try it, though! If you want to get an AirTag for your pooch, get a waterproof holder.

What About an AirTag Cat Collar?

Plenty of places make AirTag cat collars. Moreover, many AirTag holders can easily fit onto both dog and cat collars.

Where Do I Find AirTag Collar Reviews?

Most sites will have reviews on the product page. On Amazon, reviews will be beneath the description and recommended products section. In a physical pet store, employees will be able to direct you to the best options.

How to Get the Most From Your AirTag Collar

There is no wrong or right answer to whether or not you should use an AirTag collar. If this item will offer you peace of mind, then go for it! If you feel confident without it, you don’t really need it. There are plenty of options on the market, and it’s also worth considering a specifically built GPS tracking collar.
Whatever you choose, be sure to do your research! Not all dog collars are made the same, and it’s up to you to find the best and safest option for your pooch.

Are Airtags Waterproof?

One common concern among potential AirTag buyers is whether or not airtags are waterproof. While Apple has not officially stated that AirTags are waterproof, they have indicated that they are designed to be water-resistant. In fact, Apple states that AirTags have an IP67 rating, which means they can withstand being submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

It is important to note, however, that while AirTags are water-resistant, they are not completely waterproof. This means that while they should be able to withstand exposure to water or other liquids for brief periods of time, prolonged exposure to moisture or immersion in water could potentially damage the device. As such, it is recommended that AirTags be kept as dry as possible, and that users take care to avoid exposing them to water unnecessarily.

Can My Dog Swim With AirTag?

If you want to use an AirTag to track your dog’s location while swimming, it is recommended to use a waterproof case or pouch specifically designed for the AirTag. This will provide an extra layer of protection against water damage and ensure that the AirTag stays securely attached to the dog’s collar while swimming. However, it is still important to monitor your dog’s behavior and check the AirTag regularly to ensure it is still attached and functioning properly.

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