Husky Who Never Saw Grass Learns To “Hike His Leg” Now He Needs A Forever Home

Once Facing Euthanasia, Luke the Siberian Husky Discovers Life’s Simple Joys

Pasadena, CA – Luke, a handsome 1.5-year-old Siberian Husky, was on the brink of being euthanized due to overcrowding at a Southern California shelter. Little did he know that his life was about to take an unexpected turn. According to Isabelle Sance from Stacy Hope Rescue, “Luke had never experienced the simple pleasures of snuggling on a bed or peeing on the grass. He was an outdoor-only dog, deprived of the basic comforts that every pup deserves.”

Husky Who Never Saw Grass Learns To "Hike His Leg" Now He Needs A Forever Home

A Second Chance at Life

Fortunately, Stacy Hope Rescue intervened just in time, rescuing Luke from an untimely fate. Sance recounts, “When we first brought him into our care, he was full of puppy energy, but as he settled in with his foster family, he started to relax and gain confidence.”

Discovering Life’s Simple Joys

Under the guidance of his foster family, Luke embarked on a journey of self-discovery. “He never learned to jump on the bed or cuddle. He never had grass to potty on, and only ever had concrete, so he never even learned to hike his leg,” Sance explains. “But his foster family has made up for lost time by showing Luke these things.”

Husky Who Never Saw Grass Learns To "Hike His Leg" Now He Needs A Forever Home

A Gem of a Gentleman

Despite his rough start, Luke has blossomed into an absolute dream. Sance describes him as “a gem of a gentleman – a medium energy love who is GREAT with kids!” At around 50 pounds, this stunning husky is not only dog-friendly, doesn’t bark too much and is also an eager people-pleaser, all rare traits for his breed.

Seeking a Forever Home

While Luke has made remarkable progress, his journey is not yet complete. Stacy Hope Rescue is actively seeking a forever home for this deserving pup. “He’s grown into an amazing housemate and companion, but he does still need to work a bit on his leash pulling,” Sance notes.

Husky Who Never Saw Grass Learns To "Hike His Leg" Now He Needs A Forever Home

If you’re interested in welcoming Luke into your family, visit Stacy Hope Rescue’s website and fill out an application.

Here’s an additional paragraph highlighting the transport availability for Luke:

Transport Available Anywhere in USA

Recognizing the importance of finding the ideal forever home for Luke, Stacy Hope Rescue is casting a wide net in their search. “We are willing to facilitate transport for Luke anywhere in the United States for the right adopter who can give him the love and life that he deserves,” Sance emphasizes. This commitment to ensuring a perfect match underscores the rescue’s dedication to Luke’s well-being and their determination to provide him with the best possible future.

Whether you reside on the East Coast, the West Coast, or anywhere in between, Stacy Hope Rescue is prepared to make the necessary arrangements to unite Luke with his forever family. Distance is no obstacle when it comes to finding this deserving pup the loving home he has been longing for.

Husky Who Never Saw Grass Learns To "Hike His Leg" Now He Needs A Forever Home

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