Grieving Dogs Find Temporary Refuge To Mend Broken Hearts After Owner Passes, Dogs Left Alone

In San Jose, California, dog rescuer Dan Martinez is always busy. The former battle rapper runs the local rescue organization Adopt My Block, which helps South Bay dogs find homes and connects low-income pet parents with vital resources.

Boxers left alone

On January 23, Dan learned about a pair of dogs who were in desperate need of finding somewhere to stay. The Boxers were in a heartbreaking situation: their dad had recently passed away, and they were stuck living alone in his apartment. With the man’s family members on the other side of the country, Adopt My Block and the dog owner’s landlord came up with a short-term plan. The dogs could stay in the apartment until they have somewhere to go–but only until the end of the month.

Abe & Izzy’s Race Against the Clock

After hearing about these two Boxers, Dan wasted no time sharing them with his rescue’s followers. The boys are already set to find their second forever home–they’re fixed, potty trained, and up-to-date on all vaccines–but there’s zero doubt that the bonded pair is missing their dad. 

Boxers left alone

The older dog is the brown Boxer named Israel, or Izzy. He’s 10 years old and is a bit less active than his 3-year-old brother, Abraham. Abe is an all-white Boxer with a perfectly pink snout, and both dogs weigh about 60 pounds. The duo hasn’t had experience around other dogs or cats before, but they are wonderful with people of all ages–even children!

These friendly, independent boys have been doing alright in the apartment by themselves (with frequent check-ins, of course), but the dogs ultimately faced a deadline. They needed to find a foster before February 3, or they would go to the shelter. As the days ticked by, Dan shared the dogs’ story again and again in hopes of finding them a safe, temporary place to stay. 

Giving Dogs a Place to Grieve

Boxers left alone

On February 1, just days before the deadline, two separate parties stepped forward to help. Someone offered to foster the two grieving dogs! It turns out that there was a family member in the area who agreed to foster, too, so either way, Abe and Izzy’s short-term future is no longer in question.

Boxers left alone

Of course, these dogs aren’t quite themselves right now. Their dad loved them beyond measure, and they are lost without him. While they don’t suffer from separation anxiety (the property manager has let them stay, with zero complaints, for over a week), it can be overwhelming and sad to lose both your person and your home at the same time. 

Even so, it’s reassuring to know that these boys will be able to rest and recoup somewhere safe where they won’t be alone. They’ll eventually be in the market for a forever home, but for now, letting them decompress is what matters most. If you’d like to know more about these Bay Area dogs and when they’ll be ready for adoption, make sure to keep up with Adopt My Block on Facebook and Instagram.

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