These Tiny Shelter Dogs Won’t Let Go Of Each Other. Can You Keep Them Together?

A Bonded Pair’s Journey: The Story of Two Shelter Dogs

Bonded Pair

Sitting on the floor of the kennel, I peered through the metal door at the two tiny shaking dogs huddled together in the corner, their big eyes dripping with worry. “Come look at these little ones,” I urged Alexis. I knew immediately this bonded brother and sister pair would need special care to find a home together.

The Worried Eyes of Hope

As I sit here with these two little ones, their big, worried eyes tug at my heart. They’re a bonded pair, a brother and sister duo, who’ve found themselves in the shelter. Their need for a home is urgent – they must be adopted together. “Their eyes are so big because they are just so worried and concerned right now,” I reflect, as I prepare to share their story live with you.

Sitting with dogs - bonded pair

The Challenge of Finding a Home

Adopting out a bonded pair is always a challenge. “These two dogs, if you were to pull them apart, their heart would basically explode,” Rocky explains. We’re taking it slow with them, trying to ease their anxiety. They’re so tiny and fragile, yet their spirits are strong.

A Glimpse into Their World

As we sit with them, offering treats and gentle words, their personalities begin to shine through. “Oh, they’re so cute. Oh my goodness,” Rocky coos, as the pups start to warm up to us. We’re mindful of their space, giving them the comfort of a little blanket – a small luxury in their confined shelter life.

Sitting with dogs - bonded pair

Seeking Names and a Story

These pups don’t have names yet, and their story is only just unfolding. “They were found running around together by a good Samaritan and brought in just two days ago,” Alexis shares. They’re around four and a half years old, surprisingly healthy and full of life despite their predicament.

Sitting with dogs - bonded pair

The Importance of Microchipping

Their past remains a mystery. They were brought in with cute collars, but no microchips or tags to identify them. “Someone loved these pups,” I note, highlighting the importance of microchipping pets. It’s a simple act that can reunite lost pets with their families.

The Bond That Can’t Be Broken

As we interact with them, their bond is unmistakable. They rely on each other for comfort and confidence. “These two little ones are just, they’re meant for each other,” I observe. The challenge now is to find someone who can adopt them both, to keep this inseparable pair together.

Sitting with dogs - bonded pair

A Community’s Role in Rescue

This journey isn’t just about these two dogs; it’s about the community that comes together to support them. “When you guys become a member and you subscribe, it helps us do what we’re doing,” I express, grateful for the support that makes rescues like this possible.

The Future Awaits Wally and Eva

In a heartwarming turn, the community helps us name them – Wally and Eva. It’s a fitting tribute, a new identity for a new chapter in their lives. “You just made my day, Chris,” I thank the community member who suggested the names.

Sitting with dogs - bonded pair

The Power of Sharing and Caring

“We need to get the word out. They’re going to need a home,” I urged viewers. But bonded pairs pose adoption challenges. “You’re asking someone to take two dogs,” I acknowledged. Still, I had faith the right person would spot these sweet dogs and give them the compassion they deserve.

As we wrap up our time with Wally and Eva, I urge everyone to share their story. “You never know when your share is going to be that difference,” I emphasize. These two deserve a loving home, a place where they can thrive together.

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