Shelter Sweetheart Maya Starts Her Happily Ever After As A Three-Legged Wonder Dog

Every stray dog has a story to tell, but it can sometimes take the help of some selfless people to ensure their stories end well. That was certainly the case for Maya, a former stray dog from Boise, Idaho, but after a little bit of healing and a whole lot of love, she has an entirely new lease on life. From helping her navigate an amputation to helping her find her forever home, the generous folks at the Idaho Humane Society have done everything they can to set her up for a life full of fun, happiness, and love. (See her video below!)

Maya - 3 legged dog

Life as a Tripod Dog

Maya first arrived at the Idaho Humane Society as a stray in January with an old injury to her hind leg. As the shelter explained, the decision was made to have her leg amputated since it healed incorrectly and wouldn’t be repairable. Instead, veterinarians could guarantee her a pain-free life post-operation.

Maya - Three-Legged Dog

In fact, many dogs live completely normal lives after an amputation! They may need some time to adjust to a new way of walking, running, and jumping, but before long, they’ll be able to do anything they could do before. Sadly, many tripods and disabled rescue dogs are overlooked because of their differences. Many potential adopters assume that caring for a differently-abled pet will be extra costly or time-consuming, but their care can be much easier than you think. 

Healing in More Ways Than One

After her surgery, she is becoming a whole new dog! Her shelter friends describe her as “brave” and “sweet,” and they’re excited to see her coming out of her shell. In fact, this 3-year-old superstar has earned herself the nickname ‘Marvelous Maya!’ While she’s a little under-socialized due to her past as a stray animal, every interaction she has with shelter staff and volunteers helps her learn a little bit more. 

Maya - Three-Legged Dog

“I walked her yesterday for about 10 minutes,” one volunteer shared on an Idaho Humane Society Facebook post. “She never pulled. We played in the gated yard for a few more minutes, and then she was ready to go back to her kennel. She has no problem walking on three legs. You would never know she has had surgery.” 

Source: Facebook

As Maya continued to heal, one more gift came her way–her forever home! She was officially adopted in the final days of January, and now that she found her forever family, she’ll never again have to worry about life on the streets. Of course, Maya’s rescue and amputation are just a small glimpse into the kind of life-saving work the Humane Society of Idaho does, and there are so many more dogs in their care who are looking for loving homes. Don’t hesitate to browse the animal shelter’s website, or search for a shelter close to you.

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