Gigantic Giggles: Great Dane’s Silly Attempt to Be a Small Dog for a Day

Big dogs often seem unaware of their sizeable frames, with some even behaving as if they’re petite lap dogs. This must be the case with Kernel, a Great Dane who discovered a dog bed he couldn’t wait to snuggle into. There was only one very big issue – the bed was tiny!

Great Dane's Silly Attempt to Be a Small Dog for a Day

Big Dog Problems

Alyssa Berkovitz is the proud owner of Kernel, a 7-year-old, 165-pound Great Dane service and therapy dog. She is also a photographer who documents their lives together on her social media channels. Alyssa describes Kernel as “Equal parts sugar bear, community light-bringer, and distinguished gentleman.” Recently, she shared a hilarious video capturing Kernel’s attempts to fit into a dog bed about 20 times too small for his massive frame. His adorable efforts to squeeze in and make the tiny bed work are simply the cutest!

Source: Facebook

Throughout the clip, it appears Kernel thought, “Okay, I’ll just circle around and try one more time!” He even used his mouth and paws to stretch the bed, attempting to make it slightly bigger. Unfortunately for the big guy, no matter how hard he tried, there was absolutely no way he could fit his massive frame into the bed designed for a tiny dog.

Great Dane's Silly Attempt to Be a Small Dog for a Day
Kernel’s attempts to make the bed bigger.

Mission Complete!

Kernel deserves an A for effort, but I’m not going to be the one to tell him that he clearly didn’t fit! The big dog looked entirely uncomfortable, and he knew his mom was watching and of course he wanted to prove to her that he knew what he was doing. He wasn’t about to give up! I wonder what the bed’s actual owner thought of Kernel’s shenanigans and attempts to claim the tiny sleeping space.

Great Dane's Silly Attempt to Be a Small Dog for a Day
Success! He thinks it’s a perfect fit!

It’s clear that Kernel needs a much larger bed than the miniature one he attempts to squeeze into. Great Danes are among the tallest dog breeds, standing up to 32 inches at the shoulder, making them over 7 feet tall when on their hind legs… he needs a bed the size of a human’s bed!  Despite his futile efforts, Kernel doesn’t become frustrated or lose his cool, proving just how laid-back and patient these gentle giants truly are.

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