Watch This Deaf Cat’s Priceless Reaction to an Epic London Bike Tour!

In the bustling streets of London, an unusual duo captures the heart of everyone they meet. Travis and his fluffy white cat, Sigrid, are not your everyday sight. This feline loves nothing more than to accompany her owner on bike rides and remote-controlled car adventures throughout the city, drawing crowds and spreading joy wherever they go. (see video above)

No Ordinary Feline

“What are you yelling out, huh?” Travis playfully questions Sigrid as she meows in response, ready for their next adventure. Travis shares, “She took right to it like it was no training whatsoever. I just popped her in the basket and she was ready to go.” Animal advocate Rocky Kanaka confirms, “This cat loves to go bike riding and goes everywhere with Travis in London.”

deaf cat loves to go bike riding

Thrill Seeker on Wheels

Sigrid isn’t just any cat; she thrives on the thrill of speed. “She likes it when we go fast, she’ll stand up and lean out and really get into it. It’s kind of bizarre,” laughs Travis. Their excursions have taken them to every corner of London, with Hyde Park’s Serpentine Road being Sigrid’s favorite spot for bird-watching.

deaf cat loves to go bike riding

The Remote-Controlled Adventure

Not limited to the bike basket, Sigrid’s curiosity knows no bounds as Travis reveals, “I just had this fancy remote control car… Take a cardboard box and strap it on there and see what happens.” To his surprise, Sigrid was unfazed, cruising around the neighborhood, much to the amusement of passersby.

A Local Celebrity

Sigrid’s unique mode of transport has made her a well-known figure in the city. Travis recounts, “It just started right away… It’s constant like every time I go out it’s just like a trail of people.” The duo’s presence brings smiles and a moment of wonder to those they encounter.

deaf cat loves to go bike riding

Overcoming Challenges

What many might not know is that Sigrid is deaf, a trait common in white and blue-eyed cats. This has required Travis to be more attentive but has also highlighted Sigrid’s adaptability. “She’s gotten a lot better now with detecting vibrations… Her sense of smell and her meow can sometimes be on the very loud side,” Travis notes with a laugh.

Spreading Joy and Happiness

Travis and Sigrid’s adventures are more than just a spectacle; they are a source of happiness. “It makes me happy, you know, it’s hard not to be happy when you’re going out and just interacting with people who are delighted and surprised,” says Travis. Sigrid’s bravery, softness, and curiosity, combined with the uniqueness of their journey, draw people in, sharing moments of joy with potentially millions.

deaf cat loves to go bike riding

An Unlikely Ambassador

Sigrid’s adventures in London go beyond mere entertainment; they symbolize the unexpected bonds between humans and animals and the joy such connections can bring to a community. With every bike ride and remote-controlled escapade, Travis and Sigrid continue to share a message of happiness and curiosity, proving that sometimes, the most unlikely companions can make the biggest impact.

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