Eye-Catching Rescue: How This Senior’s Odd Condition Put Him on Path to New Life

Chewie, an abandoned dog with a severe eye condition, was found without food or water at a rental property, and it’s unclear how long he had been left there. His plight immediately drew the attention of the staff at Animal Friends of the Valleys shelter in Wildomar, CA. Determined to get him the urgent care he needed, the team reached out to regional rescues, showcasing their commitment to his welfare from the moment he was discovered on March 22nd.


An Urgent Email Plea

Despite its limitations, the shelter was committed to ensuring Chewie received the care he needed. Staff reached out to rescues across the region to get this pup the help he needed, illustrating the lengths that .


Chewie Gets Groomed

When Chewie’s turn came to be groomed the abandoned dog couldn’t have been sweeter. Even though he had a severely distended eye, he behaved perfectly well for his appointment, even letting Mel, the shelter’s caring groomer remove large pieces of matted fur. After his makeover, though, it was time to see the vet. (see Chewie’s grooming video above)


Despite being abandoned, this pup was actually determined to be overweight! He’s an older boy (about eight years old) who’s dealing with periodontal disease as well, but the biggest concern is his enlarged eye. The veterinarian determined it to be a case of ulcers and proptosis (eye protruding from or bulging out of the socket), though this wouldn’t be something the county shelter could treat.

Because of this, Chewie needed out of the shelter as soon as possible! Animal Friends of the Valleys wasted no time reaching out to their contacts in hopes of finding a rescue to give him the help he deserves.


From Friends to Frosted Faces

Fortunately, Chewie has lots of friends rooting for him both in the shelter systems and out in the world–and word about his case got around. Southern California animal shelter networker Lina Leslie was one of the folks who shared his story of hardship and resiliency, and it didn’t take long before commenters began tagging local rescues–including Frosted Faces Foundation in Ramona, California. It’s unclear if the social media sharing was what got the rescue’s attention, but it was only a matter of hours before Lina was able to give her followers a joyful update: Chewie is going to be rescued!

The Frosted Faces Foundation helps dogs who have been abandoned in their twilight years find a new lease on life. The foundation not only provides them with the medical care they need but also showers them with love, ensuring their final years are their best ones yet.

Frosted Faces

As of April 2, our pal Chewie is living under a brand new name at a brand new rescue. His name is Archibald Asparagus, and he’s settling in well at Frosted Faces. It seems like first impressions couldn’t have gone better! Only a few days after joining the senior dog rescue’s family, Archibald has embarked on a two-week ‘Frosted Fling’ temporary foster journey. This will show his rescuers what he’s like in a home and will give him a chance to rest and recoup in peace.

He won’t be up for adoption until he gets the vet care he needs to help his eye, but you can keep an eye on his online bio at Frosted Faces to see every update–including the results of his Frosted Fling! Thanks to all of this pup’s generous rescue friends, there will be so many happy updates to come!

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