Drive-Thru Dog Dumping: Pup Abandoned in Shady Shelter Drop-Off

This dog was a scared, curious little soul with no name, just a tag that read, “Please go slow with me.” Her arrival wasn’t grand or noted; she was simply there, right in the center of a kennel that suddenly felt too small for the both of us. How she was abandoned at the shelter is the stuff of movies. More on that later.

Patty, a shelter dog needs a forever home

First Impressions: More Than Meets the Eye

You could say it was her curiosity that caught my attention first. Those ears, perked up with intrigue, not quite fearful but definitely cautious. It’s funny how much you can tell about a dog by just observing them. She wasn’t interested in the treats or making immediate friends. No, she was surveying her new environment, trying to make sense of her new reality. There she was, taking up the whole kennel, and there I was, trying to make her feel at ease, shifting my blanket to the side to give her the space she claimed as her own.

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A Slow Start: The Art of Patience

The barking in the shelter can be overwhelming, and for a dog like her, it only added to the anxiety. I tried offering her a treat, not expecting much. She was hesitant, as I thought she would be, but it wasn’t about the food. It was about establishing a connection, showing her that I was here for her, that she could trust me. That moment, when she first looked at me with those sad, questioning eyes, I knew this was going to be a journey of patience and understanding.

Building Trust: A Treat at a Time

sitting with dogs

The initial steps were small. She allowed a nose boop on my back, a sign of her investigating me, the newcomer in her space. I respected her boundaries, giving her the time to approach me on her terms. Slowly, she did. Each step she took towards me was a victory, a testament to the growing trust between us. And then, the breakthrough—she accepted a treat from my hand. It was a simple gesture, but in the world of animal rescue, it’s these moments that remind us why we do what we do.

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Her Backstory

Imagine this: a woman in a gray car, in a hurry, dropping off this scared little soul without a word of explanation, then zooming off before anyone could ask a question.

The more I thought about it, the clearer it became. This wasn’t just a random act. That quick getaway? It smelled like guilt, or maybe fear, of having to answer questions nobody wants to face. Was Patty theirs, or did they know where she came from? We may never know. But, here’s the kicker – the whole scene felt like something out of a movie, leaving us with more questions than answers. Like, who really was Patty? Where did she come from? And why did her previous owner, if that was who it was, decide that a silent drop-off was the best option?

We think she is a youngish dog, maybe a couple of years old.

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It’s a story that’s all too common, yet each time it happens, it hits you fresh. We may never uncover the full story of her past, but we’re here to make sure her future is as bright as it can be. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not about where she came from; it’s about where she’s going, and I’m here to make that journey with her, one step, one treat, one belly rub at a time.

Naming Patty

Naming her was unexpectedly straightforward. In the midst of our first encounter, the name “Patty” just clicked. It was a playful nod to her peculiar drop-off situation, almost like she was ordered from a drive-through. Simple, yet it felt fitting. “Patty” seemed to suit her, marking the beginning of a new chapter. It was more than a name; it was a sign of hope and a fresh start for her.

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A Call to Action: Joining Patty’s Journey

Sharing Patty’s story isn’t just about finding her a home; it’s about raising awareness for all the Pattys out there, waiting in shelters, hoping for a second chance. It’s about the power of community, of coming together to support those who can’t speak for themselves. By sharing her story, by wearing the merch that supports animal rescues, or even by enjoying a cup of coffee from Flips Farm, you’re becoming a part of a larger movement, a force for good that champions the cause of animals in need.

A New Beginning: The Promise of Tomorrow

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As I looked into Patty’s eyes, I made her a promise—not just of burgers and treats, but of a future filled with love and security. It’s a promise I extend to all the animals I meet, a vow to stand by them, to fight for them, and to never give up until they find their forever homes. Patty’s story is just beginning, and with the help of a loving community, I believe we can write a happy ending together.

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