Watch French Bulldog’s Epic Fail When Trying To Jump On Bed

A French Bulldog named Marvel spent much of 2023 living his best life ever, and many of us followed along thanks to the popular TikTok channel he shares with his mom, Ellen. With nearly a million followers and more than 45 million likes across all his videos, Marvel may be tiny, but he’s got the biggest personality. And he has no plans to slow down. 

Marvel and his mom shared a compilation video yesterday that showed all the hilarious antics and heartwarming moments that went viral in 2023, promising more to come in 2024.

The first video shows Marvel’s artistic side with a custom-painted canvas he created with the help of some whipped cream. Originally posted in September, that video has over 3 million views, with people praising the pup for his chaotic execution and the final result. 

Frenchie’s Teeth Brushing Routine

The second clip shows off Marvel’s bedtime teeth-brushing routine. He likes to twin with his mom, wearing a cloth headband used to keep your hair out of your face while you wash it. He, of course, doesn’t need to wear the headband while his mama brushes his teeth, but he sure looks cute doing so. The full video was shared in August, with over a million views and hundreds of comments with only the sweetest compliments.

How To Provoke The Zoomies


That’s how I get Marvel to do zoomies 😆

♬ original sound – Marvel 🐶 & Ellen 👩🏻

Marvel also shared the hilarious way his mom provokes the zoomies, which she seems to be able to do with great ease. There’s a clip of how Marvel likes to wipe his face after drinking water, which was posted in October and currently has over 16 million views. 

Epic Miscalculation

Another viral moment was when Marvel had an epic miscalculation when trying to jump on the bed, which more than 15 million people saw. The clip was edited into a slow-motion version to get a good look at how far off Marvel was in trying to hit his target. Thankfully, his mom said he didn’t hurt himself with this silly moment – besides his ego.


Don’t worry, Marvel is fine. After this moment, he continued to do zoomies as if nothing had happened 🥲 But when I saw this moment in the video, I remembered this sound, and it fit perfectly 😆

♬ original sound – zong_qi – Z⚡️

Three other viral clips in the compilation video included Marvel’s Halloween costume, where he turned himself into the spookiest, most realistic ghost, when helped his mom put on makeup, and when the two sat down to noisily eat a snack. 

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