Watch The Joyous Moment A Paralyzed Dog Finally Runs As Fast As She Can!

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, a rescue home that cares for dogs, cats, and farm animals, is used to caring for animals who have been mistreated. But when another shelter called to ask for help for one of their residents, they knew this call would be different. 

And they were right. The dog who desperately needed their help was a one-year-old Terrier Mix named Nur. And her life was in danger.

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

“Nur’s story spoke volumes to us when a shelter who could no longer care for her medical needs asked if we could take her in,” Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, located in Ontario, Canada, shared in a video posted to TikTok, along with a heartbreaking video of the one-year-old Terrier Mix.

“We were her last hope.”

Nur Suffered a ‘Major’ Spinal Injury, and It Threatened Her Life


Please visit the link in our bio to contribute towards Nur’s surgery and wheelchair ♥️ Your donation is essential to her story 🙏

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The rescue center said she couldn’t be cared for at the shelter and needed urgent help, which was very clear from the video footage. 

Nur wasn’t using her hind legs, and looking at the X-ray, it’s clear this sweet dog experienced a very severe injury. 

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

“Nur was paralyzed from a major spinal injury,” the rescue center explains. “She had a life-threatening infection from her legs being dragged behind her.”

When the one-year-old dog arrived at their rescue center, they immediately knew how dire her situation was. 

“We took action right away,” the video explains. “We wanted to get rid of her infection, and this meant amputating both of her hind legs.”

Nur Deserved Treatment and Care, Which Wasn’t Cheap

Paralyzed Dog X-Ray

After seeing the X-ray and doing a quick evaluation on Nur, the rescue center caregivers knew they had to have an experienced veterinarian evaluate Nur and her complex issues if they wanted any chance at saving her life. 

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

Thankfully, they got in touch with a specialized veterinarian who was able to provide the necessary surgery to save Nur’s life. 

“Our team drove over 4 hours for Nur to get her surgery done by Dr. Biskup,” the video explains. Dr. Biskup is a specialized veterinary surgeon who practices out of Capital City Specialty & Emergency Animal Hospital in Kanata, Ontario. 

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

“The surgery alone cost $14,000,” the TikTok video explains. “We knew it would be a long road to recovery. But we also knew Nur was a fighter.”

And they were right! Nur is a fighter, and her surgery was a success thanks to her resilience and spirit. The infection that nearly took her life was gone, and the next phase of life could begin for this tenacious dog: getting her mobility back.  

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

“We are still raising donations to cover Nur’s surgery,” the rescue center shared in the TikTok video, “ and are in the process of getting her a wheelchair.” 

A Month Later, Nur Is Doing So Well

Nearly a month later, the rescue center shared an update on Nur with their followers on TikTok, and it was heartwarming and beautiful to see how far she has come after everything she has been through.


Visit the link in our bio to donate towards Nur’s surgery ❣️ Thank you to Canadian Animal Rehab Services for helping Nur get her wheelchair 🙏♥️

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“Have you been following our resident Nur’s story,” the text on the screen reads as we see a sweet video of Nur outside on the grass. “She has some advice for anyone who is thinking about taking ‘no’ for an answer.”

Nur was doing more than just OK, she’s thriving! “Nur was fitted to her very own wheelchair last week. It has been a long journey for Nur,” the video explained. “If we can learn one lesson from her, it’s to never give up!”

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

In the update, we learn that Nur was able to get fitted for a wheelchair, and you can immediately see how much her life has been improved by the incredible caregivers and everyone who donated money to her care. 

Nur’s running! She can easily use the wheelchair to help take the place of her hind legs, and it doesn’t slow her down one bit. The pup looks as free as a bird as she chases one of her caregivers in the grass. 

“Nur has picked up how to use her chair right away,” the video explains. “We can hardly keep up with her.” 

If you were to try to picture what the happiest dog on the planet looked like, Nur running would surely be up there, thanks to her new wheels. “Nur’s gift of walking came just in time for Christmas,” the team shared. 

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

“She is now able to run and keep up with her furry friends.” 

And that’s what she’s doing, with zero problem. Running alongside her in the sweet update video is a fellow dog who is as happy as possible to see Nur running, keeping up, and all pain-free. 

Now Nur Is Ready For Her Forever Home

Currently, Nur is up for adoption at the Dog Tails Rescue, which is located in King City, Ontario Canada and she’s ready to find her forever family

On her application page, the listing notes that she’s looking for a new home, and she will fit in well in any home with the space, time, and love to give her. 

Paralyzed Dog Runs Like Never Before

Nur’s adoption page shares that she is really easy to get along with since she is  “dog-friendly, cat-friendly, kid-friendly.” It also notes that she could live happily in an apartment or the city. 

Another important thing to note about Nur if you’re considering adopting her is that she is “high energy,” which means she’ll need a family who can make sure she has access to a  lot of time and space for exercise. And, of course, Nur also has medical needs that her new family should be willing to take. 

If you cannot adopt Nur, the rescue center is also accepting donations that will go toward Nur’s continued care. 

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