Sweetest Dog Ever Devastated After Being Returned to Shelter for Having ‘Puppy Energy’  

It’s always such a joy to hear about shelter dogs finding their forever homes after waiting for too long. Sometimes, though, these stories don’t truly have the happy ending that we anticipated. When one-year-old Miley trotted out of the shelter in sheer happiness with her adoptive family by her side, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she’d be back to the lonely kennel life less than a month after her adoption.    (see video below)

Sweetest Dog Ever Devastated After Being Returned to Shelter for Having ‘Puppy Energy’  

Her only “fault”? Having too much puppy energy. This unfortunate turn of events has left shelter staff at the Humane Society Broward County perplexed, since they’ve seen first-hand the desirable traits that Miley possesses; traits that make her the perfect canine companion to the right owner.

The Rejection is Unbearable 

Since her return to the shelter, Miley has not been the bubbly pup that staff members know her to be.

Sweetest Dog Ever Devastated After Being Returned to Shelter for Having ‘Puppy Energy’  

Being given up by those she considered her forever family has crushed her spirits and dampened her true personality. Poor Miley has been overcome by sadness, and as she sits quietly in a corner inside her kennel, her tear-filled eyes and trembling body reflect the fear and pain she feels for not being in a real home.

All Miley wanted was to be accepted wholeheartedly for who she was and live her puppy life to the fullest. Now, her surrender to the shelter has left her with a million questions about her worthiness as a loving furry companion. Unless Miley soon finds someone willing to give her a second shot at happiness, her stay at the shelter will only get worse before it gets better. 


One-year-old Miley’s sweet personality could melt anyone’s heart, but she’s starting to shut down after being returned to the shelter in less than a month due to her puppy energy. This petite girl adores swimming, being held like a baby, and playing with dogs that match her playful spirit. She gets along wonderfully with kids and adults alike. Miley needs a forever home to help her blossom. After being returned to the shelter, she’s feeling scared and sad, but her gentle and loving nature shines through when comforted with pets and treats. Miley might be selective with other dogs, but once she finds a friend, she’ll play forever. If you’re ready for a fun-loving, affectionate pup who will keep you on your toes and fill your days with joy, come meet Miley today! Won’t you help make Miley’s day by coming in to the Humane Society of Broward County to meet her? 🙏 You can fill out an adoption application at www.humanebroward.com (link is in bio). The shelter is located at 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the adoption department opens daily at 11 a.m. Appointments are not required. If you have any questions, call 954-989-3977 ext. 6. #rescuedog #shelterdog #dogrescue #adoptme #adoptdontshop #fortlauderdale #florida #southflorida #miami #browardcounty #miamidade #dogs #dog #dogreels #sweetheart #dogoftheday #dogsofinstagram #dogshelter #animalshelter #instadog #instadaily #sweetie #puppy #retriever #retrievermix #instapet #miley #smileymiley

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Miley’s Waiting on You for a Forever Home

Even though Miley is too scared to show her true personality, her undiscriminating appetite for treats makes her forget her misery for a moment and unleashes her sweet, affectionate nature.

Sweetest Dog Ever Devastated After Being Returned to Shelter for Having ‘Puppy Energy’  

Miley longs to be in a home where her boundless energy won’t be perceived as a bother because, like every puppy her age, having fun is her forte. The quickest way to Miley’s heart is taking her swimming, allowing her to have uninterrupted playtime with other dogs as vibrant as she is, and snuggling with her like it’s the last time.

Not to mention, Miley is great with kids and will thus do well in a household with children. She’s ready to bask in the warmth of a loving family and return all the love, affection and cuddles she receives a hundred-fold. If you’re an active household eager to accommodate another equally active, oh-so-loving canine family member, kindly reach out to the Humane Society of Broward County for more details about Miley’s adoption. 

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