Destiny’s Second Chance: From Nameless and Neglected to Nurtured and Loved

A Heartbreaking First Encounter

When Sherry first encountered Destiny at the shelter, the sight was distressing. The emaciated pit bull, lacking even a name, represented the sad reality of countless animals in shelters. Rocky Kanaka delves into the inspiring story of Sherry and Destiny — a tale of resilience, unwavering hope, and the deep bond that can form between a human and their pet.

Skinny, Nameless Pit Bull

The Challenge of the Shelter

“This little girl looked at her and asked, ‘what’s wrong with her?'” recalls Sherry. Her innocent answer was that someone had not been kind to the dog. When the child naively suggested feeding her to make her better, Sherry knew the reality was far grimmer. Dogs like Destiny, especially being a pit bull, often don’t get a second chance. The shelters are overflowing, and with her frail condition, her chances were slim.

Destiny and Sherry: A Bond Formed

Destiny, the Skinny, Nameless Pit Bull and Sherry her new owner

Yet, Destiny’s eyes haunted Sherry. “I went home that night and all I could do is think about her,” she shares. The very next day, she returned, armed with treats and determination. After spending just 15 minutes with Destiny, the connection was undeniable.

The Road to Recovery

Destiney the skinny, Nameless Pit Bull

The road to recovery wasn’t straightforward. While getting Destiny back to a healthy weight was relatively easy with regular, small meals, she was diagnosed with Masticatory Muscle Myositis, an autoimmune disease affecting her jaw muscles. Sherry, with the help of her trusted vet in Tulsa, Dr. Freezy, found a combination of Eastern and Western medicine that helped.

A New Lease on Life

Destiny and her pups

Destiny’s transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Not only has she regained her health, but she’s also found joy, even becoming a foster mom to two adorable pups, Buster and Luna. The bond they share is palpable.

Sherry’s Message: Every Pet Deserves a Chance

Sherry’s message is clear: every pet, especially those who’ve been neglected or discarded, deserves a chance. “If we pass over those pets, the ones who need us, we’re missing out on so much love,” she emphasizes.

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