UPS Driver Sees Two Dogs Drowning–Here’s What He Does Next

A UPS driver from Ireton, Iowa is receiving praise following his fast-thinking rescue of two dogs on his route. 

Colin Mitchell was working a regular shift, delivering packages in the warm September heat. As Colin was dropping off a package for Jeff and Rebecca Marra, he noticed a pair of dogs swimming in a pool alone in the yard. The scene struck him as strange, and when he knocked on the Marras’ door, he confirmed that the dogs were indeed alone and no one was home. 

UPS Driver Sees Two Dogs Drowning
Source: 13wham

Colin made his way over to the dogs and immediately saw that the two weren’t having a fun swim. One of the dogs was hanging off the side of the pool, clinging on for safety. The other was doing laps in the pool, struggling with the solar cover, and unable to find a way to get out or stop swimming to stay afloat.  

UPS Driver Sees Two Dogs Drowning
Source: nbc29

Moving as quickly as possible, Colin first pulled out Groot, the smaller of the two dogs. Next, he had to contend with Remington, a 90-pound dog who couldn’t exactly be plucked from the pool. Dressed in his UPS uniform, Colin found himself in the pool, helping to guide the extra large dog to safety. 

one of the dogs UPS driver sees drowning
Source: 13wham

Once both dogs were safely out of the pool, Colin put them back into the yard, ensuring the gate to the pool was closed tightly. 

a dog rescued
Source: nbc29

The next day, Colin returned to the Marra home and got to meet the humans of the family: Jeff and Rebecca. The couple was endlessly grateful for Colin’s quick thinking.

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Apparently, the dogs had made it over the locked gate, and the Marras are certain that, were it not for Colin, they could easily have lost both dogs.

UPS Driver rescues Two Dogs from Drowning
Source: 13wham

Remember, if you have a pool your dog should never have access to it without your supervision–we don’t all have heroic UPS drivers patrolling our neighborhoods!

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