This skinny street dog sneaks in warm home at 3 AM. When the homeowners find her they…

Video Transcript

Homeless dog sneaks past door at 3 AM to stay warm

Jack Jokinen (Suzy’s Adopter):

And at 3:16AM, the door blew open. This dog came hobbling down the street, it stopped in front of our house and I don’t know if it was the smell or the warmth, she went up the stairs. My wife, she woke me up and was standing over me and said, “the baby is fine, but there’s a dog in our house”. Right there on our first floor, there was this like small- It was just kinda like this mystery dog.

Homeless dog sneaks past door at 3 AM to stay warm

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

Both of the doors were locked when they discovered Suzy, but the security footage showed that a kind neighbor shut the door, out of all the things that could have happened!


They stopped and saw the door was open and went up and knocked and yelled, and then eventually just pulled the door shut. Not seeing Suzy in the house, a neighbor who we had never met did a good deed and just pulled the door shut, not thinking anything of it.

Rocky Kanaka:

Animal control was called in the morning, but their response was not ideal.


When we called they said, “you can bring her in at 11 o’clock and to, you know, to drop her off and then we’ll take care of it”, and we’ll take care of it didn’t sound like it was gonna end in a good situation. We went on like an emergency search for an emergency vet and Art City Vet in Philly said, “Yes, bring her right in, we’ll help you out here”.

And we took her in and they checked for a chip and there was no chip, but they could tell us that she was covered in fleas and ticks. All of her paw pads were infected. Uh, she was only walking on three legs at the time. She had a lot of damage to her mouth. She was grossly underweight. And even driving over there, there was the thought of like, even if there is a chip, do we want her going back to wherever she was? And my wife, you know, very matter of factly let me know, “I don’t want to start a fight, but this is my dog now.”

Emaciated dog

Rocky Kanaka:

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At first, the adjustment was not easy as Suzy had major anxiety.


She was very afraid of everything all the time. She was terrified of me leaving. That was a fear. The beginning that, you know, are we ever gonna get to the point where we can leave the house? They gave us some medicine to like help calm her down. We would just go out for like walks, we started building it up over time. She understands that we’re always gonna come back for her, it went from being like, “thank God you’re back” to just like “excited for back.”

Suzy happy

Rocky Kanaka:

Suzy’s story has inspired others to adopt as well. Resulting in 100 homes for 100 dogs, where $100 will be donated to each owner that adopts, giving back what others gave Jack and his family when Suzy was first brought to their home.


Saving a life is cool. It’s a really cool thing to do. Saving a dog’s life, saving a cat’s life saving, you know, any life is important and it means a lot to that person, that animal, and you see it every day when you do that. They’re just happy that you come home. They’re happy to wake up with you. They’re happy to play fetch or you know, whatever it is, you’re giving them an opportunity they wouldn’t have like anytime you get to, to do that and to adopt a dog. Now, I’ve only done it twice in my life, but like they’ve both been very rewarding. So I’m batting a thousand on it.

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Homeless dog got adopted and is Happy

Rocky Kanaka:

Share this story and if you love dog rescue stories like this, make sure you like my page. Become a supporter. If you want to get more involved and make sure you go follow Susie. If you want to be a part of helping 100 dogs, find 100 homes.

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