Pit Bull Abandoned at Truck Stop, For 5 Months. Then This Happens…

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):
This dog was abandoned at a truck stop for five months unable to be rescued.

Pit Bull Abandoned at Truck Stop

Danny (A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue):
We discovered this large tan pit bull was stranded there at the truck stop, you know, a very kind and, and gentle dog, but also just wanted to be left, you know, by itself.

Rocky Kanaka:
So Danny started visiting JJ every day to gain his trust. But even so, he was a difficult dog to catch.

In a situation like that, you keep your distance, you respect the dog, and you offer him treats. And initially that did work with JJ. I was surprised how quickly he got so close to me.

Rescuer try to rescue Pit Bull Abandoned at Truck Stop

One day I came back to do the normal thing, and he just wanted nothing to do with me. It was, it was confusing. As soon as he saw me, he would go in the opposite direction.

Rocky Kanaka:
They even tried trapping JJ, but attempts were unsuccessful. Eventually, they spotted in an enclosed area nearby where Danny believed they could finally rescue JJ.

Turns out in the back of the, uh, truck stop where these large fenced in areas, there were a lot of holes in the fencing. A lot of the fencing had had fallen down. JJ had, at that point, started to warm up to me again, so that became our new meeting spot.

Rescuer try to rescue Pit Bull Abandoned at Truck Stop

He was a little concerned, but he just walked right up to me and I was just able to pet him like nothing had happened. He, he walked on the leash like he had done a million times before in a previous life. It was such a relief and was such a thrill.

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Rescuer rescues Pit Bull Abandoned at Truck Stop

Rocky Kanaka:
Soon after JJ was in his forever home and given the new name Ruger.

Kristi (Roger’s Adopter):
I had reached out to a rescue that I had previously worked with and said, Hey, we will talk to this dog. They, in turn contacted Danny and he again, um, reached out to me. He brings me so much joy and he brings so much joy to our family.

Ruger and his new adopter

“Get’em Ruger! Get him boy, get him Ruger.”

He’s that dog that everybody loves, and the fact that he is willing after who knows what he went through. So just willing to love us and be so kind. And I hope that he knows that he’ll be taking care of for the rest of his life.

Again, I’m a foster failure because there was no way I could let him go. He’s just such a joy. I just hope that they can feel how much we love them and, and know that they are safe and they, they can be happy and they can be silly. And yeah, I just, I hope that they know that.

Pit Bull Abandoned at Truck Stop has a new life

Rocky Kanaka:
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