Chihuahua’s Joyful Friendship With Tortoise Proves Love Knows No Species

Although no two dogs are the same, it’s never really a surprise when an outgoing pup makes yet another new friend. Owners of social dogs are used to meeting new people and pups every day, thanks to their dog’s charming nature, but it takes a truly special pup to make friends with another animal. That’s to say–an animal that’s not another dog!

While you may expect a dog with a gentle reputation (like a Golden Retriever) to make friends from other species, one lucky dog mom has witnessed a relationship blossom between her Chihuahua and her tortoise. Meet Skippy and Tilly G! Skippy has been trying to play with his reptilian friend since he was just a puppy, but their owner’s June 6 TikTok video compilation just might be their cutest one yet!

OMG! These two couldn’t be any sweeter if they tried. Even if they’re on two different wavelengths regarding playtime and toys, their company seems to make the other equally as happy. And that’s a good thing because this isn’t going to stop anytime soon! Over the years, Skippy has brought anything from dog toys to plants to try to get Tilly G to bite (figuratively and literally), but the giant tortoise is usually more interested in munching on Mom’s hibiscus plants.

Don’t worry–Skippy doesn’t mind! In fact, his friend playing hard-to-get makes it even more fun for the exuberant Chihuahua. He loves finding new things to show his bestie, even if the most reaction he gets is a blank stare if anything.

“Does Tilly actually play with any of Skippy’s toys that he brings to him?” asked a commenter named Nicole. Now that I’d love to see! Unfortunately, that kind of playtime isn’t really his vibe. The rescue animals’ owner replied, “he sniffs the toys to see if he can eat them,” which, in tortoise talk, basically counts as play! And in Skippy’s mind, he’s successful at getting Tilly G to interact, so it’s a win-win!

The Magic of Interspecies Friendships

As precious and unique as this canine-tortoise friendship is, it’s certainly not the only example of a heartwarming interspecies friendship. There are plenty of loving pet dogs who make friends with their feline family members, too! Dogs can live in harmony with birds, rabbits, horses, farm animals–you name it! However, that doesn’t mean all dogs get along with other animals.

Here’s the catch: many dogs have strong hunting instincts, which may lead them to chase and even catch smaller animals. On the other end of the spectrum, dogs from herding breeds may attempt to round up just about any animal–or even a herd! Many dogs can be trained to live in peace around other animals, but that’s not going to be realistic for every dog.

Luckily for Tilly G, Skippy, and their feline and canine siblings (there are ten rescued animals in total), they’re one big happy family. Happy tails, boys!

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