Blind Hospice Dog’s Final 28 Days Will Bring You to Tears

Rooster, a mostly blind senior shelter dog, found true love during his final month of life. Rooster’s new adoptive mom saw this sweet, lumpy, slightly crusty old dog at the shelter, and knew she needed to give him a home. Rooster would join two other rescued animals—a 6-year-old dog, and a 12-year-old cat—in his new home, soon becoming a fixture on their human’s TikTok account dedicated to navigating pet loss and aging

Blind Hospice Dog's Final 28 Days Will Bring You to Tears

With no guarantee how long Rooster had left, his new human set about making life as good as possible. 

Source: TIKTOK

Rooster Gets a Taste of The Good Life

Rooster had been sleeping on concrete floors and thin, flimsy beds for quite some time, which had done a number on his achy joints. He could lounge in the soft grass in his new home or curl up on a thick, cozy bed to rest his body. 

A dog with a storied past, Rooster’s new mom was told that he once was so desperate for food he ate grass and dirt to try to survive. Now in a new home with another dog, Rooster got delicious, nutritious, and regular meals that he ate alongside his new canine bestie. 

Blind Hospice Dog's Final 28 Days Will Bring You to Tears

Instead of being surrounded by stressed and fearful dogs in the shelter, Rooster was enjoying playing with the other dog in his new home, and some of his younger self was showing. Rooster even played with the toys his mom gave him, even if he couldn’t see them clearly. 

Rooster Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

Just 28 days after he found his forever home and true love in his adoptive family, Rooster’s health declined. His adopters knew he was a senior and had little time left, but when they woke up one morning and realized Rooster needed to be brought to the vet immediately, it was still a heartbreak. 

Blind Hospice Dog's Final 28 Days Will Bring You to Tears

Helping a senior dog cross the rainbow bridge can be incredibly difficult, but Rooster’s story is a beautiful example of how dogs of all ages deserve love. Rooster got to enjoy his final month of life, feel the comfort and love of a family, and cross over with humans who loved him by his side. 

If Rooster’s story touched you, consider visiting your local shelter and asking about how to adopt a senior dog.

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