Brave Mama Dog & Puppies Survive Hoarding and Car Crash, Finally Find Loving Homes

There are thousands–if not millions–of resilient rescue dogs in the world, but one mama dog’s strength knows no bounds. After surviving hoarding, pregnancy, giving birth, and transitioning to a foster home, Ruth’s trials and tribulations should have been over. But just as she and her pups began searching for their forever homes, the unlucky dog was thrown another obstacle: a car accident.

Brave Mama Dog and Babies Survive Hoarding and Car Crash on the Road to Adoption

Despite the constant difficulties and a stay at the animal hospital, Ruth’s rescuers pulled through for her and her babies. The whole family is on their way to Happily Ever After, one adoption at a time, and this is their moving story. Don’t forget the tissues!

From Hoarding to a Home

When Arizona Small Dog Rescue first heard about Ruth, she was living in a hoarding situation. Though the rescue didn’t share much about her history, it’s presumed she lived alongside at least one other dog, considering that she gave birth to three precious puppies shortly after moving into her foster home. Despite a few cuts and bruises, she had no trouble taking care of her little ones. As she adjusted to her foster home, she proved to be friendly with people, energetic during playtime (she is a young dog herself), and a quick learner, too.

Brave Mama Dog and Babies Survive Hoarding and Car Crash on the Road to Adoption
via Arizona Small Dog Rescue

The Shar Pei and Australian Cattle Dog Mix had been a wonderful mama from the moment her puppies were born, though by March 16, the rescue introduced Ruth and her babies to potential adopters. It was only a few days later that the little family prepared to attend an adoption event at an Arizona pet store.

A Car Accident Close Call

While setting up for the adoption event, Arizona Small Dog Rescue got a ‘terrifying phone call.’ Ruth, her puppies, and her foster family had been involved in a car accident on the highway while driving to the event. Thankfully, all three of Ruth’s puppies were unharmed, but the brave mama dog had hit her head on the car’s windshield. While the driver of the car went to the hospital for a CT scan (she was discharged to go home with no significant concerns soon after), the passenger took the dogs to the local emergency vet.

Brave Mama Dog and Babies Survive Hoarding and Car Crash on the Road to Adoption
via Arizona Small Dog Rescue

The puppies went to the vet as a precaution and were quickly cleared, but Ruth stayed in an oxygen chamber at the vet for about 24 hours. When that time was up, she was able to go home! The rescue reports that she was glad to be back at her foster home with a delicious chicken dinner, and the only lingering concern was a minor leg injury.

Although this shocking close call could have been so much worse, it may actually have helped this family find their perfect forever homes. As of April 1, Ruth is no longer listed on the Arizona Small Dog Rescue website’s list of adoptable pets, and her album of Facebook photos is also labeled ‘on hold’!

However, Arizona Small Dog Rescue still has several Australian Cattle Dog/Shar Pei mixes up for adoption. If this mixed-breed combo tickles your fancy, you should read up on the rescue’s website regarding the adoption application and process. These dogs are ready for their forever homes–just like Ruth and her pups!

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