Tiny Puppies Find Forever Homes, Leaving Their Heartbroken Mama Dog Behind

Sweet Chihuahua mix Sakura may be petite, but this pint-sized mama dog has a heart even bigger than one can imagine. She’s been through the unthinkable while caring for three precious puppies in Southern California, and her love has finally been rewarded with a Happily Ever After that’s all her own. The last thing left to do is to find this playful gal a loving forever home where she can be the baby she was always meant to be.

Puppies Find Homes, Leaving Their Heartbroken Mother Behind

From the Euthanasia List to the Adoption List

On August 11, 2023, Sakura (who was not yet named) and her newborn babies were confiscated from their previous home by animal control. They found themselves at the City of San Bernardino Animal Services, where they were quickly placed on the euthanasia list. Sakura was malnourished and afraid–barking incessantly whenever shelter staff would pick up a puppy for a medical check-up–and her little ones were just one day old.

Thankfully, shelter networker Lois C. wasn’t willing to accept this. She reached out to many rescues about the family in need, and it didn’t take long for Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc. to respond. They quickly pulled Sakura and her puppies from the shelter one week after they arrived, and they began a new ‘leash’ on life with dedicated foster mom Debbie.

Finally, Sakura had the chance to decompress, gain weight, and care for her babies in peace. Week by week, her little ones grew, and before long, the doting mom discovered just how fun it was to play with her puppies! When the babes had been weaned for a while, and everyone was cleared for adoption in mid-April, no one was surprised to see that Sakura’s little blossoms, Kilo, Kiele, and Kai, were adopted within ten days of becoming available. However, Sakura is still waiting!

It’s Mom’s Turn For a Fairy Tale Ending

Puppies Find Homes, Leaving Their Heartbroken Mother Behind
via Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc.

Although Sakura is surely getting a much-needed break after raising puppies for the last several months, everyone at Leashes of Love would love to see her get her own forever home. This big-eared beauty has developed so much confidence, and she’s excelling at leash training and potty training (although she’s still working on the latter). She’s up-to-date on all vaccines and will be spayed before heading home, which proves that she’s more than ready for adoption!

Her rescuers describe her as “very sweet, affectionate, smart, and playful.” She can’t get enough of playtime, but she’s always down to snuggle after running around the yard. Because of this, her rescuers think she would do best in a home with another playful dog and even with older children! She has not been exposed to cats but has been friendly to everyone she has met, and there’s no questioning how much she will thrive in a home of her very own.

If you’re interested in meeting–and maybe adopting– this gorgeous cherry blossom, your first step will be to fill out an adoption application on the Leashes of Love website! They will set up a meet and greet in Southern California if you seem like a potential match. Good luck!

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