Your Dog Can Legally Be a Witness at Your Wedding in These 23 States!

Your wedding is a celebration of your love and everything you’ve built together, and it wouldn’t be complete without your loved ones there to celebrate with you–including your dog!

Your Dog Can Legally Be a Witness at Your Wedding in These 23 States!

It’s becoming increasingly common to see four-legged friends tagging along at their owners’ weddings, and there are so many ways dogs can play a special role in your special day. Whether you’re considering letting your dog make an appearance or refusing to get married without them by your side, you’ll want to check out these five ways to incorporate your dog into your wedding day.

1. Ring Bearer? More Like Ring Bear

It’s a ‘tail’ as old as time! Dogs make the perfect ring bearers for any wedding ceremony–as long as your venue allows dogs, that is. Just make sure someone has an eye on them (and the rings) at all times!

In a recent viral video, a newlywed couple was delighted by the cutest surprise ringbearer: the venue’s resident dog, Messi! Their officiant had arranged this adorable stunt, and it will never get old.


The best surprise! Background story: The villa we rented out for our wedding party in Paros, Greece had this adorable dog named Messi. Our officiant covinced the villa owners to let him borrow Messi to be our ring bearer. We had absolutely no idea, and it was the best surprise!#destinationwedding #parosgreece #greece

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2. Hire a Chaperone For Your Dog of Honor

No matter what role you’d like your dog to have in the ceremony, you may want to search for a chaperone to keep your furry friend safe, happy, and prepared throughout the day. In a pinch, a friend or family member can fill this role, but there are many online resources for finding professional pet sitters who could be up for the job.

Your Dog Can Legally Be a Witness at Your Wedding in These 23 States!

Best of all, there are even some dog sitters who specialize in wedding chaperoning! They’ll work with you before the big day to create the perfect plan for your pup; then they’ll help your dog fulfill their role when the wedding day comes around.

3. Take Some Time For Just You and Your Dog

Your wedding day will likely be hectic, but taking some time to soak in the moment with your dog and your new spouse just might be the highlight of your day. It’s the perfect chance to take some family pictures, too!

You’ll need to put someone in charge of bringing your dog to and from your designated spot, but then you can enjoy the rest of your wedding day knowing that your buddy is resting at home. This can be a great option for reactive dogs who can’t be present at the wedding or reception or for couples whose venues don’t allow dogs. It’s exactly what Harvey the rescue Pit Bull did with his newlywed parents, and it was the most joyful moment!

Source: @harveytherescue

4. A Wedding Witness You’ll Never Forget

It’s true–in some states, your dog can legally serve as your wedding witness! Many states in the U.S. do not require marriage witnesses to be human, so your furry friend can leave their pawprint on your marriage license to make things official. In a handful of states, where you can legally self-officiate your wedding, your buddy could even be a non-official officiant!

These States Don’t Require A Human Witness: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Charleston wedding photographer proved in a TikTok video that it’s just as sweet a tradition as you’d imagine. Just remember to use an inkless pad, or keep inky paws away from that white dress!

Did you know that a dog can witness and sign your marriage license in 23 states?! This is SUCH a fun and unique way to incoorporate your pups into a special moment of your day!! #dogwitness #dogweddingwitness #dogwedding #weddingdog #mountainwedding #weddingphotographer #weddingphotos #weddingwitness #marriagewitness #coloradowedding #coloradomountainwedding

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5. Your Dog Can Get the Party Started

While your guests are arriving, your dog can start rolling out the welcome wagon. Odds are, most of your wedding guests are already familiar with your furry friend, and a special four-legged guest is the perfect way to get everyone smiling before the ceremony begins. This is the perfect solution for outgoing dogs who want to be a part of everything, though you will have to designate a babysitter for the event.

Your Dog Can Legally Be a Witness at Your Wedding in These 23 States!

There’s no right or wrong way to include your dog on your wedding day. You have plenty of options to choose from–just make sure you choose something that won’t add stress to your once-in-a-lifetime party!

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