After Surviving a Car Wreck, Rescuers Heal this Beagle’s Leg & Life

When you look at a shelter dog’s picture, it’s impossible to see all they’ve been through. Whether they’ve just arrived at their local humane society or have been waiting for a forever home for years, even the most soul-filled eyes can only tell a small piece of their story. This is why it’s so important to get to know a rescue dog before you adopt!

Dog up for Adoption: After Surviving a Car Wreck, Rescuers Heal this Beagle's Leg & Life

And for those at the nonprofit rescue group Beagles and Buddies, getting to know one special dog named Cruiser has been a gift. This resilient dog arrived at their shelter on August 3, 2023, after surviving being hit by a car, and while his healing journey has been difficult, it’s shown just what a brave and strong boy he is.

Dog up for Adoption: After Surviving a Car Wreck, Rescuers Heal this Beagle's Leg & Life
Cruiser in his foster home.

The Lone Car Wreck Survivor

Sadly, Cruiser and two other stray dogs were hit by a car while living on the street. The other two dogs had already passed when a good samaritan stopped to help, but they were able to get Cruiser to a nearby veterinarian. There, vets found that he sustained several major injuries, including a broken hip, fractured right rear leg, and urethrorectal/perianal fistula (abnormal passageways developing between the urethra and the rectum). While the kind person who brought him in couldn’t afford the treatment for his veterinary care, they did contact Beagles and Buddies in Apple Valley, California, to help.

Someone from the nonprofit was able to pay for his surgery ($7000 including their discount for being a rescue), stay with him overnight, and then transfer him to the rescue to recover. They were given two options when it came to his shattered hip and broken leg–to amputate or to do reconstructive surgery. They opted for femoral head ostectomy surgery and placed a metal plate on his leg. With enough downtime during recovery before physical therapy, they believed Cruiser would retain mobility in his leg. And they were right!

Cruiser stayed in his own private recovery room for several months before joining the rest of the dogs in the rescue. They had trouble helping him with physical therapy as he was still very afraid of people, but everything began to improve when he joined his foster family in January.

Dog up for Adoption: After Surviving a Car Wreck, Rescuers Heal this Beagle's Leg & Life
Cruiser in his foster home.

Healing in a Foster Home

Cruiser’s foster mom was dedicated to his recovery, and it shows! Not only did she keep a temperament assessment chart to track his behavioral improvement, but she also made sure to help him with socialization, training, and physical therapy. It took about a week in his own room before he showed that he was ready to meet everyone else in his temporary home, but he seemed to be most comfortable while around other animals–especially other dogs.

While living with this foster family for about a month, Cruiser met goats, sheep, horses, cats, and even a tortoise. He picked up on both potty training and crate training, and he’s learning leash manners, too. Best of all, he had the space and care he needed to heal his injuries and his broken confidence.

Now, Cruiser lives primarily at the rescue, though his friends are determined to help him find a forever home. He’s become so much more accepting of human touch and company, though he still needs a minute to warm up to someone new. His adopter will need to be extremely patient as he adjusts to his new situation, and they’ll always have to be careful of his back and rear legs. They will also need to keep an eye out for UTIs from his urethrorectal/perianal fistula, though for now, it hasn’t been a concern.

Dog up for Adoption: After Surviving a Car Wreck, Rescuers Heal this Beagle's Leg & Life
Cruiser with his foster mom.

Cruiser’s ideal home will be an adult-only home, only because children could accidentally hurt him without meaning to or realizing it. His back is still sore, and he can be picky about being touched at the rear–understandably–but there’s no reason why this brave boy won’t live a long, happy, and healthy life. The only thing left is to find him a home!

Beagles and Buddies is located in Apple Valley, California, and can be reached via their website. Check out their Linktree for more ways to reach out or help.

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