After 1,000 Days in Shelter, Shy Pitbull Learns to Love Thanks to Kind Strangers. But Now He Needs a Home.

Meet Billy Bob, a 9-year-old Pitbull mix with a heart of gold. Despite his gentle nature, he has had a tough life so far. He was removed from a rescue that was shut down for animal cruelty and has since spent over 1,000 days at an Ohio shelter, waiting for his forever home.

Dog Adoption: After 1,000 Days in Shelter, Gentle Senior Pitbull Still Hopes for Forever Home

Billy Bob’s Rescue

Billy Bob was living in a rescue center when the League for Animal Welfare was informed that the rescue was going to be shut down in 2020 due to allegations of animal cruelty. He was terrified of everything and had never been properly socialized with humans or other dogs. Initially, he was quite shy and didn’t trust people easily. However, he soon realized that some very kind and caring people wanted to help him.

He was fostered almost immediately by a loving family who taught him how to be a part of a family and loved pet. For unknown reasons, the family returned him to the shelter after having him for a year. Since his return in April 2021, he’s called the shelter his home. At almost 9 years old, almost half of his life has been spent in shelters, a horrible one and now a loving one, but it’s still far too long for any senior dog not to have a family.

dog up for adoption: After 1,000 Days in Shelter, Gentle Senior Pitbull Still Hopes for Forever Home
Billy Bob patiently waiting for a family to love him.

Billy Bob’s Search for a Family To Love Him

Billy Bob remained a shy pup even after a year with a loving family, due to the trauma he experienced early in life. Staff says that it takes patience for Billy Bob to warm up to new people, but once he does, he reveals himself to be a big sweetheart who loves to snuggle.

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Although he’s a senior pup, Billy Bob still enjoys playing with balls and never turns down pup cups or peanut butter treats. In his foster home, he did well with other dogs, but due to his standoffishness, he would do better in a home without cats or young children. Billy Bob is a low-key dog who could easily become a beloved part of a loving family willing to take the time to get to know him and help him overcome his fears.

dog up for adoption: After 1,000 Days in Shelter, Gentle Senior Pitbull Still Hopes for Forever Home
This sweet, happy senior is ready to go home!

Learn More About Billy Bob

Because Billy Bob is a senior dog and a Pitbull, he’s overlooked time and time again. Billy Bob has a lot of love left to give and would make the perfect companion for someone looking to give a senior dog a second chance. If interested in adopting or fostering Billy Bob, please visit the League for Animal Welfare website or contact them directly at 513-735-2299.

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