Unique Pup Born Without Back Paws Finds Her Footing in Loving Foster Home

You may have heard it said that every shelter dog has a story–and it’s true! No two dogs have the exact same experience before finding their forever home, but not every dog gets the chance to have their story told. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Meet Nubby!

This young rescue dog was born different, but if you were to ask her, she’s just like any other pup. Although all of her siblings were born healthy, Nubby has a birth defect that left her missing her back feet and the back end of her tail. Don’t think for a second that she lets this slow her down! She has been a happy dog since she was a puppy–videos from her first owner show her moving around just fine–but she’s seen her fair share of changes and challenges, too. 

Dog up for adoption: Rescue Pup Born Without Back Paws

Left Behind, or a Better Chance?

The rescue team at Midland Animal Shelter first met Nubby in the early days of February 2024. She was surrendered by her original owners because they decided not to take her with them when they moved. They seemed sad to say goodbye, according to the Midland, Texas animal shelter, but they also weren’t giving Nubby the kind of life she deserved. 

“The videos and pictures they sent showed her to be an outside dog living in dirt and a makeshift dog pen with a makeshift dog house,” Midland Animal Shelter explains. “She is much happier now, we think!”

Since joining the shelter family, Nubby has tagged along on several adoption events, where she gets to show off her best side–and even her painting skills! With the help of a volunteer, this Picasso pup ‘painted’ a vibrant rainbow scene for her forever person to take home. However, she hasn’t met the right person yet!

Born This Way

Nubby’s differences haven’t slowed her down in her first home or in the shelter, so her potential adoption should expect it to slow her down in her forever home, either. The shelter guesses that she learned to adapt from a very early age, so her movements are just as natural to her as walking is to another dog! She’s a very smart dog and is quick to learn, and her biggest fans at the rescue believe even stairs wouldn’t be a problem for her (though she hasn’t encountered any yet). 

However, her partially formed back legs are quite unique. While she doesn’t have any back paws, she does have paw pads! Because dogs sweat through their paw pads, she can sometimes deal with excess moisture and skin irritation–even cracking. She used to have to wear the dreaded cone of shame whenever this occurred, but she’s starting to get used to having her feet wrapped and in socks for their protection. She even wore her socks to a recent adoption event, where they were quite popular! 

Nubby is a resilient, adaptable young dog who can learn good habits very quickly. On her first day in her foster home, she figured out the dog door all by herself! She’s a very easygoing pup who will be just as happy going for a walk as she is snuggling on the couch. In her foster home, she’s been friendly with cats, kids, and other dogs, and her 40-pound body makes her a great medium size, too!

Anyone living near Midland, Texas, who’s interested in meeting Nubby is encouraged to fill out an adoption application on the Midland Animal Shelter website. This sweet shelter dog is house-trained, crate-trained, and ready to go home today–so what are you waiting for?

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