Dingo, The 3-Legged Dog, Was Returned To The Shelter…AGAIN!

In the bustling streets of Chicago, a young Boxer x Pitbull mix named Dingo is making headlines, not for his playful antics or his love for squeaky toys, but for his heart-wrenching journey of losing his leg and being abandoned again and again.

The 3-Legged Dog - Dingo

They Had To Amputate

At just 5 months old, a tragic accident left him with a fractured rear right leg. The severity of the injury led to a tough decision – amputation. Now, as a “tripod” dog, Dingo’s story could have been one of despair. Instead, it’s one of remarkable recovery and undying spirit.

The 3-Legged Dog - Dingo
Source: @dingothetripawedpup

The Ups and Downs of Adoption

However, the road to recovery wasn’t Dingo’s only challenge. In a twist of fate, he was adopted and then returned to the shelter not once, but twice.

First, due to an unforeseen incident while under a sitter’s care, that was not his fault.

Then in July, Dingo’s life took a positive turn when he met a kind-hearted family during a walk. They welcomed him with open arms, providing him with physical therapy and behavioral training. But once again, destiny played its cruel hand, and due to one of the owner’s medical issues, Dingo was surrendered in September.

His Love For Squeaky Toys Is Unparalleled

The 3-Legged Dog - Dingo
Source: @dingothetripawedpup

Today, Dingo is more than ready to find his forever home. He’s a bundle of joy, love, and energy. His playful nature is infectious, and his love for squeaky toys is unparalleled. He’s smart, understands basic commands, and is crate-trained and housebroken. Despite being a “tripod”, Dingo’s zest for life is evident in his zoomies and playful antics.

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Could You Be Dingo’s Forever Family?

The 3-Legged Dog - Dingo
Source: @dingothetripawedpup

Dingo is not just any dog; he’s a testament to resilience, hope, and undying spirit. He’s been through so much yet remains loving and eager to find his place in this world. Dingo is currently with a foster, waiting for his forever home. If his story has touched your heart and you believe you can provide him with the love and care he deserves, please consider adopting him. Let’s come together to ensure Dingo’s next home is his last, filled with happiness and stability.

Source: @dingothetripawedpup

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