Why Is Coco Still Here? The Mystery of a Dog Who Hasn’t Been Adopted in 668 Days

San Gabriel Valley, CA — At the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, a fun loving 4-year-old Boxer mix named Coco stands as the organization’s longest-staying resident, with an astonishing 668 days spent in the shelter. Despite his long wait for a forever home, Coco remains optimistic and has endeared himself to shelter staff and volunteers with his irresistible personality.

Coco Was Abandoned

Coco’s journey began as a stray, but he carried a glimmer of hope in the form of a microchip. Shelter workers eagerly dialed the number associated with his chip, anticipating a joyous reunion with his rightful owners. However, their hopes were soon dashed when they were informed that Coco had been rehomed. Despite their efforts, no one was able to reach the people who had taken him in, and no one came searching for him.

No One Came For Him

Now, Coco stands as a testament to resilience and the enduring spirit of shelter animals. Overlooked by potential adopters, Coco has faced the challenges of his extended stay with grace and charm. His large size may have contributed to being passed over, but those who take the time to get to know him quickly discover his boundless appeal.

The Mystery Of Why He’s Still Here

One of Coco’s most endearing qualities is his love for companionship. This active and silly boy thrives on human interaction and thrills in being part of the action. Coco is known for his playful antics, adoring toys, and his willingness to perform tricks in exchange for a tasty treat. He is a bundle of joy, capable of lighting up any room with his infectious energy and playful spirit.

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No one can figure out why he’s still at the shelter, other than he’s a large dog. But he gets along well with other dogs and is super sweet.

He Loves To Curl Up Next To You

But Coco also has a softer side. He enjoys nothing more than curling up next to someone for a quiet moment of petting and affection. It’s during these serene moments that Coco’s sweet nature truly shines through.

During his lengthy stay at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, Coco has formed numerous four-legged friendships, making him an ideal candidate for a home with another dog. His compatibility with cats remains uncertain, but his friendly demeanor suggests that with proper introduction and supervision, Coco could potentially coexist with feline friends.

He Loves The Great Outdoors

One of Coco’s most prominent qualities is his love for the great outdoors. He’s a walking enthusiast, and for a family that enjoys hiking, running, or simply going on long walks, Coco could be the perfect adventure buddy.

Despite his extended stay at the shelter, Coco’s spirit remains unbroken. He continues to greet each day with enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting the moment when he can find a loving forever home. The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is committed to helping Coco find the perfect match, and they believe that there’s a family out there just waiting to welcome this remarkable canine into their lives.

So, if you’re in search of a loyal, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking companion, Coco might be the perfect fit for you. Pay a visit to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and discover the joy and love that Coco has to offer. Your next adventure buddy might be waiting just around the corner, with a wagging tail and a heart full of hope.

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