Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : San Gabriel, California
  • Pet's Age : Young adult
  • Pet's Breed : boxer
  • Pet's Gender : Male
  • Pet's Size : large
  • Pet good with other pets? : Unsure
  • Pet good with kids? : Yes
  • Is the rescue able to transport the dog to owner's location? : Yes

Coco is San Gabriel Valley Humane Society’s longest stay resident. He is a handsome 4 year old Boxer mix. Sadly, Coco was found as a stray but was microchipped. However, upon calling the number listed, the shelter was told that Coco was rehomed. The people he was rehomed to could not be contacted and no one came looking for him. 

Now, Coco has been at San Gabriel Valley Humane for 658 days. Likely overlooked because of his size, Coco has had a hard time finding his people. However, Coco has so many amazing things going for him! Coco has made a lot of friends at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.

Coco is an active, silly boy who thrives on human companionship and lives to be in the midst of all the action. He likes playing with toys and is food motivated. He’s fun and bouncy and will keep you smiling. He also loves to chill curled next to you and be pet.

Coco has made several four-legged friends while at the shelter so he could share a home with another dog. Cats, unknown. Oh, and Coco LOVES to walk so he’d make an excellent adventure-buddy for a family that likes to walk, run, or hike!

Name: Coco (#49122) Breed: (listed as) Boxer mix Age: 4 years Gender: Neutered Male Weight: 72 lbs. Medical: No known concerns Coco is available for adoption at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. The shelter is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm BUT adoptions are done by APPOINTMENT ONLY, so please call ahead to schedule a meet and greet. 851 E Grand Avenue San Gabriel, CA 91776 Phone: (626) 286-1159 Website: