Watch This Dog Hop Around With Only Two Legs!

Video Transcript

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

This dog only has two legs due to an accident after he was born. His mom, Penny became really anxious and stressed after becoming a new mother for her pups. And at three days old, she accidentally broke two of Deuce’s legs while cleaning him.

Two legged dog

He was taken into emergency care by his owner Jen, who was informed that there was no way they could fix them. At first, things didn’t look well for Deuce but Jen didn’t give up. Eventually Jen got into contact with her regular vet who asked her one question, “How do you feel about a dog with two Legs?”

Jen agreed and soon after Deuce’s legs were amputated, leaving him with one front leg and one back leg. At first, Jen wasn’t sure how Deuce would adapt to his new body, but by the time he was a month old, he was getting into his first steps and learning how to walk.

2 legged dog

Rocky Continues:

Deuce easily hops around with two legs. He even swims and can use the stairs. Even his own family can’t figure out how it works, but they’re so happy to see him run around and genuinely be happy.

As you can imagine, a lot of people are thrown off when they see Deuce, but he manages to make others smile regardless. According to Jen, Shar Peis, are normally aloof towards strangers, but Deuce always greets people with a smile. He’ll even run up to strangers and lean on them for support because he can’t stand long on his own, which catches some people off guard and they’re unsure of what to do next. Especially since they don’t wanna move and accidentally make him fall, though he’d get back up anyway if that were the case.

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Two legged dog

He’s even traveled many places with his family despite his condition like Mount Rushmore and Pikes Peak being the perfect travel companion. Jen, who has limited mobility due to his spinal condition, says that Deuce is a huge inspiration and motivator for her and other people. He only has two legs, but Deuce is able to do so much. Just watching him encourages others and reminds them anything is possible.

Deuce and family traveling

Rocky Kanaka:
He may not have four legs, but he is as healthy and as happy as any other dog. And gives just as much love, if not more, to everyone. How could you not love a dog like this?

If you believe special needs dogs deserve a loving chance, just like any other dog, share this. Let’s spread the word. Definitely follow this page and become a supporter. I’d love to have you be a part of this family so we can help more dogs. Just hit that supporter button and make sure you go follow Deuce.

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