Watch This Tiny Chihuahua Show Off His Big Vocabulary in the Most Charming Way

Chihuahuas may be one of the smallest dogs, but they certainly have one of the biggest personalities. Their loyalty and charisma make them a superb choice for anyone looking for a pocket-sized companion. They also possess a high level of intelligence which can be seen with this adorable boy and his command of the English language. (Watch Full Video Below)

There’s no doubt he’s familiar with all the words his mom is using. If you’ve ever wondered how many a dog can learn, this might give you some insight into their abilities. Even if you don’t speak dog, you’ll have no trouble interpreting what his ears are saying.

Chihuahua Show Off His Big Vocabulary

This little cutie has the best expressions! Ambrose appears to have fun listening to Mom run through these words. When she inquires if he’s a good boy, his face has a very matter-of-fact expression, as if to assert, “Of course I am!” When she proposes a bath, his ears quickly turn down in disapproval. His ears again point south when she mentions poop. This personal line of questioning even prompts a tiny bark of protest. What a character!

A Chihuahua’s Favorite Things

Chihuahua Show Off His Big Vocabulary

Tiny Ambrose, who is less than 5 pounds, much prefers discussing the things he likes, such as pup cups, and walks. But it’s not material things that get him most excited. When she mentions his pal, Becca, he can’t contain his joy and begins looking around for her while wagging his tail wildly. Unfortunately, she’s not there, so Mom gives him a few comforting pets of consolation.

Did Someone Say Treats?

Once again, she piques his interest when she brings up the subject of treats. This prompts him to spin with excitement. This is a regular behavior his mom reports, “He spins for food 100% of the time. He’s like a tornado at breakfast, haha. And he also spins when I take the trash out for some reason.” Perhaps he enjoys celebrating when someone is doing their chores.

Chihuahua Show Off His Big Vocabulary

The Benefits of Training

Unfortunately, Chihuahuas often have a reputation for being difficult to train. However, this dog’s mom assures us it is not true when you make the effort. She reports, “I worked so hard with him and tried to learn as much as I could because my childhood Chi was the stereotypical Chihuahua.” His sweet and well-mannered nature is a perfect example of the rewards you receive from putting in the work.

Chihuahua Show Off His Big Vocabulary

Even though dogs can’t speak to tell us what they’re thinking, they have no trouble communicating whatever it is. Their priceless expressions are better than words could ever be.

This video reveals what this charming fellow likes the most!

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