Timid Terrier’s Adorable Transformation Proves Love Can Make a Big Difference

When a shelter dog like Toto is looking for a forever home in a county shelter, a lot is at stake. It may not seem like a grooming session would be the top priority, but as one shelter superhero from Animal Friends of the Valley proves, it can make a world of difference. (watch full video above)

Toto - Dog up for Adoption: Timid Terrier's Adorable Transformation Proves Love Can Make a Big Difference

Toto first arrived at the Southern California animal shelter on April 19 after being found as a stray. She hasn’t had any adoption interest since then, however, and her rescuers realized she needed a helping paw in order to be noticed. Because she’s a terrier mix, she has a naturally scruffy look, but her grooming appointment at the shelter helped to turn her scruff from dirty to adorable.

Dog rescue advocate Rocky Kanaka shared a behind-the-scenes look into Toto’s grooming appointment and how it had a positive impact on her day-to-day life at the shelter.

A Patient Groomer With a Heart of Gold

Meet Mel! This selfless pet groomer dedicates a lot of her time and energy toward helping shelter animals like Toto feel like their best selves. Not only does she provide the best grooming for each pet’s hygiene and aesthetic, but she also makes the experience as calm and relaxing as possible for her clients. Because of her patience and gentleness with the small shelter dog, the pampering sesh was a positive experience for everyone!

A quick haircut helped Toto’s scruffy fur look a little less wild, and a long bath helped her brindle fur look as clean and shiny as ever. Now, everyone can see her true colors! She had been hidden before due to her lack of confidence and comfort, but now she’s shining like a star.

Small Gestures Make a Big Difference

The biggest transformation, however, happened at the end of the video when Mel dressed up Toto in a pink bow, and matching bandana. The sweet pup came to life before our eyes! Maybe it took that extra bit of confidence in order to start coming out of her shell, but there’s no doubt that this 2-year-old terrier is feeling a lot more like herself.

Just take it from commenter @pattycakes_5: “A bath, a bow, and a bandana. It’s incredible how such seemingly small things can make a world of difference! She’ll get noticed for sure!” There’s no doubt that Toto’s perfect person is just around the corner, whether they find her through this video or walk into the shelter on a whim one day.

Toto - Dog up for Adoption: Timid Terrier's Adorable Transformation Proves Love Can Make a Big Difference

What matters most is that Toto looks as cute as can be, and she’s gained a little more trust in people after such a positive experience with Mel. All that’s left is for her to follow the yellow brick road all the way to a forever home!

If you’re interested in learning more about Toto or visiting the Animal Friends of the Valleys, check out the shelter’s website or browse their adoptable pets listing. Happy tails, Toto, and remember–there’s no place like home!

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