This Adopted Pit Bull Acing the “Hands In” Challenge Will Make You Grin From Ear to Ear 

TikTok is always buzzing with owner-dog challenges, some ridiculous, others outright adorable. 

The current TikTok trend is the “hands in” challenge launching dogs to TikTok superstardom, and we can’t help but shine the spotlight on one of these superstars. Moo — a Pit Bull adopted six months ago by her family — has found fame online after unexpectedly acing the viral “hands in” challenge. We have a strong feeling her paw-some results will become the highlight of your day 

Oh, if you’re clueless about what this challenge entails, here’s the simplest description. In a nutshell, the “hands in” challenge involves two people putting their hand aon top of the other person’s hand. They do this in front of their dog, whom they hope mimics the gesture by adding their paw to the mix. If the pup offers their paws, it means they’ve understood the assignment. Got it? Great!

As expected, more and more dog owners with a little spare time are hopping onto this challenge, and this just goes to show how totally adorbs it is.  

Let the “Hands In” Challenge Begin……

This Adopted Pit Bull Acing the “Hands In” Challenge Will Make You Grin From Ear to Ear 

TikTok account @haleyjakobson shared the magical moment when their adopted Pittie, Moo, figured out her paw was needed to make the “hands in” challenge a success.

The now-viral video starts with the couple stacking their hands together, then waiting for Moo to stretch out her paw. Moo misses the memo the first time, as she’s seen trying to affectionately separate her owners’ hands with her head. 

Determined to see Moo succeed, the couple proceeds to do the challenge for a second time. This time around, an adorable Moo stares cluelessly before squeezing herself underneath the stacked-up hands.

Not accepting to give up, the couple tries again for the third time, and to their surprise, Moo follows through. In a matter of seconds, she places her paw on top of the stretched-out hands, and you can tell she’s proud of herself when her humans gush over her. How cute!

Watch the clip below:

So far, this exciting clip has amassed 6.1 million views and attracted thousands of witty comments from viewers stunned by Moo’s grasp of the “hands in” challenge.

One person wrote: “The TAIL WAG she’s so proud!!!”

A second one commented: “She looked so unsure until she got that pat on her head. It gave her the confidence to join in.”

A third person added: “I love when dogs are down to party but just have no idea what’s going on.”

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