Tears as Cattle Dog Siblings Mark 1st Birthday in Rescue, as they Patiently Wait for Forever Home

It’s hard to get sweeter than puppy siblings Sephora and Smiley. These Wanaque, New Jersey natives have been in the care of All Humane Animal Rescue (also the home of a precious rescue puppy named Mikey) since they were only 11 weeks old, but everyone agrees that it’s time they find a home (or homes) of their very own. The siblings’ rescuers are confident that they’ll be the best playmates and companions to their forever owners, but how did they spend so long in rescue, to begin with?

Tears as Cattle Dog Siblings Mark 1st Birthday in Rescue, as they Patiently Wait for Forever Home

Sweet Siblings Left Behind

When Lysa Lyn from All Humane first met the newborn siblings, they had just been rescued from a neglectful home alongside two more of their littermates. They rested and recouped in rescue for several weeks as they got used to being indoor dogs and gained some much-needed weight, but it took some socialization, patience, and TLC to help these nearly feral puppies get used to living as pets.

Cattle Dog Siblings
Sephora (back) and Smiley (front)

When they were around four months old, Smiley and Sephora’s two littermates were adopted to two separate homes at an adoption event. While this is great news for the rescue dogs, it also left rescuers confused for the two remaining pups.

“I don’t really have an answer as to why the other two were adopted but not these 2,” explains Lysa Lyn. “That just happens in rescue. You just never know.” Despite the setback, All Humane continued to raise Sephora and Smiley with the love and care they deserve. Now, they are a year old and are much more prepared to play leading roles in an owner’s life.

Opposite in Every Way–Except Love

Oddly enough, these littermates are like Yin and Yang. They couldn’t be more opposite! While Smiley is an all-white, slightly smaller Australian Cattle Dog mix, his sister is black and white (much like the Sephora makeup brand she’s named after) and a bit bigger. He wears his heart on his sleeve, while she takes some time to get comfortable around new people and dogs. Even so, they are both friendly, affectionate, and very gentle.

Smiley is the true definition of a happy-go-lucky boy, though even he can be a bit shy at first. Within seconds, however, he’s ready to show his outgoing, goofy self! Lysa Lyn believes that he would be a great playmate for kids and other dogs, though she doesn’t know how he acts around cats. As long as the home has a fenced yard, this happy rescue dog could be anyone’s perfect match!

As for Sephora, her adopter will need to be a bit more patient. She can take some time to get comfortable with new people and pets, especially men, but once she trusts you she’ll melt your heart. While she can be a “complete mush” with her favorite people (including lucky Lysa Lyn), she can also be a bit dominant with other dogs. For this reason, All Humane suggests homing her with another male dog, if any.

In a perfect world, these two siblings would thrive in a home together (this may even be the best-case scenario for Sephora’s confidence), but their rescuers realize that may not be realistic anymore. Now that they’ve been looking for their person for almost a year, separate homes will be just fine.

If you’re in the New Jersey area or can travel to the Garden State to meet the dog (or pair of dogs) of your dreams, check out Sephora’s and Smiley’s adoption profiles. If you’re interested in submitting an adoption application, you can do so on the rescue’s website. Happy tails!

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