Find Out How Your Morning Cup of Joe Can Help Dogs in Need

Morgan Van Daalwyk has always had a love for animals and a soft spot for rescuing those in need. She adopted her dog Wilson in 2018, and went on to adopt another dog who only had one eye and was named Lewis in January 2022.

The WilsonHaus: Find Out How Your Morning Cup of Joe Can Help Dogs in Need

She knew the importance of animal rescue to help prevent dogs from being put to death by euthanasia in overcrowded shelters and in 2020, she started her own business, donating proceeds to local rescue efforts. Just a few years later, Morgan’s focus is now on opening her own rescue sanctuary, continuing to spread awareness about animals in need, and to offer spay and neutering clinics, knowing that prevention is the key to solving the overcrowding of shelters and eventual deaths of hundreds of dogs because of it. Her story is inspiring, and offers people a way to help rescued animals by buying something that many of us couldn’t live without: coffee.

The WilsonHaus: Find Out How Your Morning Cup of Joe Can Help Dogs in Need

The Beginning of WilsonHaus

In 2020, Morgan was working in Houston, Texas as a nurse, a job she loved. She’d always been an avid animal lover, and came up with the idea to start WilsonHaus Candles, selling candles that she handmade in her kitchen and donating 30% of the proceeds to local animal rescues. Her business grew quickly thanks to the help of social media, and within six months Morgan was able to quit her job to focus her time and efforts on raising funding and awareness for animal rescue. “I think we can all do a little bit more in our corner of the world”, and she’s been doing just that ever since.

The WilsonHaus: Find Out How Your Morning Cup of Joe Can Help Dogs in Need

Sadly and unexpectedly, her dog Lewis passed away in January 2023 from renal failure, and she decided to raise funding in his honor. Morgan set a goal of $100,000, a goal she thought would take years to achieve. “I don’t care if it takes 10 years, we are doing this in Lewis’ honor, memory and name.” 

The WilsonHaus: Find Out How Your Morning Cup of Joe Can Help Dogs in Need

Not only did she reach her goal, but she surpassed it, raising $274,466 in the first year alone, which was given to nine animal rescues. Her next goal is to raise even more money to start her own rescue. “If we could raise this much money in one year with no prior fundraising experience, then I know we continue to set our rescue up for success and the animals in our care up for success”.


WilsonHaus Coffee to the Rescue!

The next step was to establish WilsonHaus Coffee, which Morgan did in January 2024. They offer 13 different blends and cannot keep it in stock! A 12-ounce bag is $17.99, and according to reviews on her social media pages, the coffee is delicious!

The WilsonHaus: Find Out How Your Morning Cup of Joe Can Help Dogs in Need

Morgan explained, “WilsonHaus Coffee is a for profit business, and we are using that funding to support our non-profit entity”. Morgan is extremely transparent about her intentions with both WilsonHaus Coffee and the non-profit sanctuary she’s hoping to be able to fund by 2024. Their tagline, “Coffee to the Rescue” says it all, and is such a fun way to showcase the business. 


We are on a mission to save dogs in overcrowded shelters from euthanasia, but need your help. My name is Morgan, and I started WilsonHaus Coffee to be able to financially support our own rescue In July. We are not selling enough to do this. Not yet. WilsonHaus Coffee is going to financially support the inception and growth of WilsonHaus Rescue and Sanctuary – while we also give back to already established rescues and organizations engaged in prevention efforts and community outreach. Our first goal to help with prevention efforts is to financially sponsor at least one of This is Houston’s spay and neuter events they host quarterly for their community – an area of the U.S. rampant with stray dogs due an uncontrolled population of animals. This event typically costs between 10,000-11,000 dollars. Prevention is a powerful intervention that we are committed to being a part of. If you are interested in helping us reach our goals and want to purchase a bag of coffee, the link is in our bio. I cannot thank you enough for your support. WilsonHaus Coffee is truly Coffee to the Rescue

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Morgan’s social media pages are full of stories of animals in need who were rescued and are now in need of foster homes or adoption, information about organizations she works with, and upcoming events to help these animals. Her mission is very structured and she is so confident that she will be able to better the lives of so many animals that are running out of options and face certain death unless they are adopted or fostered. If you’d like to learn more about Morgan, WilsonHaus, and how you can help support animals in need, you can visit the website, and follow WilsonHaus’  journey on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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