Dog Thrown Over Barbed-Wire Fence Caught on Camera Now Enjoys Pup Cups & Long Walks

In January 2023, dog lovers and rescue advocates from around the world became outraged by a viral video taken in Southern California’s Riverside County. The surveillance footage from the previous month shows a man in a hoodie literally throwing his dog, a Pit Bull mix named KO, over a barbed wire fence surrounding a remote cell tower. The man walks away as the dog patiently watches, taking in his new surroundings. (See video below)

Although the dog was quickly brought to safety thanks to Riverside County Animal Services, people who saw the video were saddened and angry by his situation. The silver lining, though, is that some of the people who were horrified by his story ended up giving him a whole new lease on life.


Riverside County Animal Services said Robert Ruiz, 30, was arrested on suspicion of willfully abandoning his dog in Winchester, California. Ruiz is also suspected of abandoning another dog that has yet to be found. #news #yahoonews #dogsoftiktok #animalrescue #rescuedog #petsoftiktok #greenscreenvideo

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A Friend Left Behind

The December 2022 video quickly gained traction online, especially once local police ramped up the search for the senior dog’s previous owner. Riverside County Department of Animal Services explained, “The dog’s back paws clip the razor wire as he somersaults to a hard landing on the dirt. That act is why Animal Services is seeking felony animal cruelty.” The man was also wanted for misdemeanor abandonment.

Thanks to the dog’s microchip, 30-year-old Robert Ruiz Jr. was arrested about a month after the incident. One other dog in his care was taken to the shelter, although officials were unable to locate a third dog who had already been abandoned, like KO–whom rescuers renamed Ken.

But what happened to the dog since he had been left at the cell tower? Although he was in a new place with people he didn’t know, the rescued dog easily accepted help and veterinary care. He was treated for eye mucus and an upper respiratory infection, among a few other undisclosed health issues, and was rescued by Underdog Heroes Rescue. As soon as his respiratory infection cleared, he entered his foster home. From there, it wasn’t long until the rescue dog was adopted by the perfect forever family.


Hero, previously named Ken, was violently dumped and abandoned at a remote cell tower. We rescued him and now he is living the dream life in Los Angeles 💕 #herothepit #rescuejourney #rescuedog #pitbull #pitbullsoftiktok #rescuepittie #cutedogsoftiktok #rescuedogsoftiktok #CapCut @Underdog Heroes

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Hero’s Happy Ending

The resilient Pit Bull, who was given the new name Hero, only spent a few days in rescue before he became a fur baby to his mamas, Sarah and Meghan. He has two Pug siblings to play and cuddle with, too, but this easygoing guy has a wagging tail no matter who is around. He sustained no major injuries from being abandoned by his previous owner, and his health issues haven’t gotten in the way of him enjoying his new lease on life. He enjoys long walks in nature, plenty of couch cuddles, and all the love a rescue dog could need.

Hero’s story is proof that, although there are some despicable people in the world, there are also many selfless, thoughtful people who will look out for animals who need a helping hand. Not every rescue can go viral, but hopefully, those that do inspire you to support animal rescue and adoption.