After Losing His Siblings, Home, & Part of His Ear, This Puppy Just Wants to be Loved

There’s no shortage of puppies looking for their forever homes no matter where you are, but rescue pups as trusting and resilient as Mikey are few and far between. This precious baby is only 3-months-old, but he survived an abusive home, a botched ear cropping, and a road trip up the East Coast just to have a chance at finding his perfect home. Could he be your next BFF?

Mikey - Dog up for adoption

From Louisiana to a Loving Rescue

On April 13, rescue pup Mikey arrived at All Humane Animal Rescue in Wanaque, New Jersey, after a long trip north from Louisiana. Even though Mikey’s bright blue eyes helped him stand out immediately, cases like this are all too normal for the pet rescue, which takes in many dogs from southern states who suffered in horrible living conditions.

Mikey - Dog up for adoption
via All Humane Animal Rescue

“I work with a rescue in Louisiana who brings the dogs to me,” explained Lysa from All Humane Animal Rescue. “Sadly in the South, many don’t spay or neuter their dogs, and the dogs mostly live outdoors.” Although there are many responsible dog owners and rescuers who also live in the South, there are also many areas where stray dogs run amuck. Local shelters can only do so much, which is where partner shelters like All Humane come in.

Another Case of Ear Cropping Gone Wrong

Sadly, Mikey and his littermates weren’t in a much better situation. They lived outside full-time and endured painful ‘ear-cropping’ procedures, which resulted in Mikey missing a portion of his left ear. Many of his siblings weren’t so lucky, and some even passed away as a result of the conditions they lived in. But why would someone do this to puppies?

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These puppies are supposedly Great Dane mixes, which may be why their owner chose to attempt to alter their appearances (to look more intimidating). Ear cropping is known to be a painful procedure and does not benefit the dog in any way, yet it is often performed without proper anesthesia and, sometimes, without veterinary knowledge. While we may never know for sure what happened to Mikey and his siblings, what matters most is that they are safe now. Mikey is the only puppy from the litter rescued by All Humane, and he has a life full of love to look forward to.

A Southern Boy Looking for a New Start

Despite all he’s been through, Mikey could not be a sweeter puppy! He tagged along at a puppy yoga class the day after he arrived at the rescue, and he had an absolute blast. Even though he had fun playing with the other puppies, that was when he discovered just how much he loved being around kindhearted people. Now, he wants to be by someone’s side as often as possible!

via All Humane Animal Rescue
via All Humane Animal Rescue

“He can be a cuddler, but don’t let the cuteness fool you,” warns Lysa, “he likes to chomp on you now and then too.” He sounds just like a puppy! It’s a relief to know that he gets to enjoy a happy puppyhood after such a stressful start to life, but there’s no doubt that his forever person will find him soon, too.

One new challenge that his forever owner will need to be prepared for is his possible hearing difficulty. Some white-colored dogs with light-colored eyes can carry genes that make them partially or completely deaf, and Lysa has reason to believe he may have partial hearing loss. Overall, this doesn’t take away from his zest for life or his love of friends, both human and canine.

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If you’d like to get more information about Mikey or his shelter friends in New Jersey, head to the All Humane Animal Rescue website to learn more!

Mikey - Dog up for adoption

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