Emaciated Pit Bull Has Huge Tumor on Stomach

Video Transcript

Joe Kay (Adoption Coordinator):
This is grace. She was pulled from another shelter after being found as a stray. She is severely emaciated and she has large mass on her belly.

Pit Bull Has Huge Tumor on Stomach

We didn’t know if it was actually cancerous or not. As soon as she came to the shelter she was relieved. I think she knew that she was in a good place. She breaks all the stereotypical rules when it comes to pit bulls. Everyone says they’re aggressive. When she came into shelter, she was an absolute sweetheart.

So since she was emaciated, we had to get her back to normal weight before she could even go to the vet to, to have the surgery, cuz we didn’t think she would actually make it through the surgery. She probably gained around 20 to 30 pounds from the time she came in to the time she had surgery.

Joe Kay:
She’s gonna go see the vet tomorrow. And we’re only thinking positive, correct? I know sweetie.

It was finally time for Grace’s lifesaving surgery.

Joe Kay:
During the surgery, grace did lose a lot of blood and for a minute they didn’t think she would make it. After the sedation medicine wore off, she was already back up walking around, wagging her tail and going to the bathroom on her own. But the vets do believe they were able to remove it all.

“You’re a fighter you’ve done so good.”

Grace after surgery

Now cancer free, Grace was finally able to find her forever home.

Britnie (Adopter Mom):
I decided that I was gonna start looking for a dog. My sister sent me the video of Grace and I fell in love. I had to have her. I had just recently battled cancer myself and she looked at me and all I could see was hope and strength, trust and love. And those were the things that I was needing most at that point in my life… I emailed Joe immediately.

She wrote me a two page story about how this is her dog.

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Adopter and her daughter with grace

She’s going to need someone who is willing to take care of her as something goes wrong. It could go wrong in a month or it could go wrong in a year for her. But it, she needs to be with someone who is willing and accepting of that. And I told him my whole life story and how I needed her and she needed me.

I read it to my director. My director started crying, I started tearing up. They were made for each other.

And I brought her home from there. The first day grace was home with us. She did amazing. She got along really well with my other dogs. And most importantly, she was super gentle with my daughter, Hadley.

Grace & Hadley

Grace is a very vocal dog. She loves to argue with you. And she usually wins all the arguments. She hates to be told ‘No’! She hates it. She also loves stuffy toys. And her other favorite thing is when she’s rolling in the grass, if she’s rolling, I know that she is happy.

Grace has been through everything: starvation, abuse, cancer… but she never gives up. Her will to live is amazing. There’s always a rainbow at the end and you always make it through. You just have to keep moving and get through it. She was meant for me.

Grace and Hadley

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