This Senior Dog With Huge Tumor Was Abandoned When She Needed Help The Most

Amanda & Casey (Salem’s Fosterers):
Oh, is that a sore paw? I’m gonna fix it, Okay? That’s okay.
Salem was surrendered as a senior and she had a tumor the size of a volleyball on her wrist or lower leg area. I knew in her condition a dog like that wouldn’t really make it outta the shelter, so I was really worried that she wasn’t even gonna be given a chance.

Salem - Senior Dog With Huge Tumor

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):
Salem’s leg ended up having to be amputated to save her life and Casey and Amanda knew Salem would have the best chance with them.

Amanda & Casey
We obviously knew right away it was cancer and we didn’t know if it was gonna be a week or a month or how much time she was gonna have. We saw that she still seemed so lively and then she just proved everybody wrong.

Rocky Kanaka:
Salem ended up making an incredible recovery and has done such a great job adjusting to her new situation.

Salem - Senior Dog With Huge Tumor

Amanda & Casey:
She’s the most gentle giant that you can imagine having. She likes to sleep all day. She rests her head in, in your lap and she’s so tall that she can, so she’ll just walk up and just like, Just do this and she can reach you cuz she’s so big.

Caitie (Caitie’s Foster Fam Rescue):
I mean, once she had that leg removed, she turned into like a, a puppy all over again. She runs around and plays. She tries to get around just as quickly as the rest of their pack. She definitely doesn’t act like an old sick cancers dog at all.

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Salem - Senior Dog With Huge Tumor recovered

Amanda & Casey:
After her surgery, we quickly learned that there was a little bit of an issue with our floors and so somebody had suggested you need to get yoga mats. So we put some yoga mats on the wishlist and we just covered our entire floors and yoga mats.

She was so smart and so adaptive and so we had a path of orange bright yoga mats and it would come through the living room down the hallway and she wouldn’t stray from those cuz she knew that she had traction. Our followers and her friends sent us like elevated dog bowls so she didn’t have to bend down and huge oversized dog bed. It really made that transition super easy for her.

She Became just totally part of I Amanda Casey’s pack. And if they, you know, were going outside to play, she was going, If they were decorating for Christmas, she was decorating for Christmas. She definitely wanted up in there with everybody and has not let that, um, leg amputated, hold her back at all.

Rocky Kanaka:
Salem has made such strides in her recovery and now has officially been adopted.

Amanda & Casey:
It’s gonna be a really hard one for me to see go. We bonded so much. She’s a normal dog. She’s your typical Great dane. She’s a lap dog. She’s got big puppy energy. She wants to snuggle and she wants to take naps. She does wonderful with the kids she’s met. Her foster home, has cats and dogs of all sizes and she loves everybody.

If a dog wants to live, they’re gonna make it happen. If I mean completely honest, I thought she was gonna be a hospice and I thought I was bringing her here to give her like a good last week of her life and she taught me that it’s not over until it’s over because she, I mean, she just came out swinging.

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Rocky Kanaka:
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