Dog with Rare Disease Abandoned Because He Looks Different; Now Living His Best Life

Breve is not your average beagle. With a condition as rare as his Short Spine Syndrome, he stands out in a crowd, navigating life with a notably truncated frame but an immeasurably boundless spirit. Fewer than 50 dogs worldwide share his unique condition, which is characterized by missing vertebrae, giving him a distinctive, albeit handsomely peculiar, appearance. Rescued in December 2021 from a property overrun with dogs and plagued by neglect, Breve’s journey from a precarious beginning to a nurturing foster home has been a testament to resilience and the transformative power of love and care.

Dog with Rare Short Spine Syndrome - Breve

It Was A Heart-Wrenching Sight

Upon arrival at the shelter, Breve, alongside two presumed siblings and a blind senior dog, presented a heart-wrenching sight…With an abscessed injury to his head, a severe bladder infection, and a palpable fear enveloping his tiny frame, he was a picture of neglect and despair. Initially, Breve was terrified of people and change, often choosing to lie motionless on the floor, avoiding interaction and shrouded in his own fear. But with meticulous medical care and a cascade of patient love from his foster parents, he blossomed, revealing a somewhat timid yet remarkably spirited dog beneath his physical anomalies.

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His Transformation Has Been Miraculous

Dog with Rare Short Spine Syndrome - Breve

His journey of transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Breve’s Short Spine Syndrome, while giving him an odd bulky neck, peculiar shoulders, a shortened body, and a brief tail, has not dampened his spirit. His limited ability to turn, especially during playful runs, and a constrained posture for bathroom breaks, are mere footnotes in his daily adventures. Weighing in at a petite 20 lbs, Breve’s physical attributes oscillate between seemingly normal and uniquely handsome, depending on your vantage point.

He Is A Very Good Boy

Dog with Rare Short Spine Syndrome - Breve

Breve has learned to trust and love again, showcasing impeccable house training and leash manners (with a harness to protect his delicate neck) as long as his surroundings are familiar and safe. Larger dogs, vehicles, and certain smells can spook him to the point of immobility, requiring a lift back to the safety of home. But in the comfort of familiar surroundings, he is a connoisseur of toys, specializing in swift squeaker-ectomies, and has a profound love for other dogs and his human companions.

His pack animal mentality was evident during his time with Lotus, another young foster dog, with whom he shared a special bond. Even in her absence, Breve has continued to emerge from his shell, showcasing his love for cuddles and an insatiable appetite. His foster parents, with the support of K Kids Dachshund Rescue, have provided him with a sanctuary where he could reveal his true self: a healthy, happy, and affectionate dog, albeit with a dash of timidity.

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Dog with Rare Short Spine Syndrome - Breve

Breve Needs A Very Special Forever Home

Now, Breve is on the hunt for a VERY special forever home, one that can cater to any veterinary needs arising from his condition throughout his lifetime. His mild case only slightly impedes his mobility, but it doesn’t hinder his ability to shower affection, offer companionship, and enrich the lives of those around him. A fenced yard and a strong relationship with a skilled veterinarian are non-negotiable prerequisites for his future family.

Dog with Rare Short Spine Syndrome - Breve

If Breve’s story tugs at your heartstrings and you find a space in your home and heart for this uniquely charming beagle, consider reaching out and potentially providing a loving haven for a dog who, despite his short spine, stands tall with resilience and love.

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