Watch the Moment Terrified Dog Melts into a Lap 🥰

Let me tell you about this adorable wrinkle-faced pup I just met at the shelter. I had to step out for a breather when the barking got too loud, but then grabbed the team to try calming all the anxious dogs with treats. That’s when I spotted her nervous in her kennel.

Watch the moment terrified shelter dog becomes lap dog (Sleeps for the first time in 4 days)
I don’t think she has had any peace and quiet until now and I am so grateful for the person/family that send that soft blanket. It was just the right thing at the right time.

The Worries Melting Away

As the noise settled, this girl with the world’s cutest underbite finally started to relax. I wasn’t sure if she was resting or just stressed pressed against the wall. But a little soft-voiced reassurance had her inching towards me for pets and belly rubs before you knew it!

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

I don’t know her story yet, but the poor thing has likely been too terrified to sleep her few days here. Just getting to provide a moment’s peace where she can decompress and nap – I feel so lucky.

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

Introducing Dory

With no name on her paperwork, I decided to dub this little pouty-lipped sweetie “Dory” after the forgetful fish. Because just like the movie character, she seems a tad confused but is all heart.

Those furrowed brows and soulful eyes deserved some positive affirmations too. “You’re a good girl, Dory,” I told her, gently massaging her wrinkles. “Whatever you’ve been through, you haven’t done anything wrong. We’ll show you love here.”

Her wrinkly face just melted into the softest look as she leaned into the massaging touch. This modest movement was huge after the tension I sensed at first.

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

Her Backstory

Dory’s story is kind of a mystery, like it is for a lot of shelter dogs. She turned up here without a microchip or any ID, just a worn collar that makes you wonder about her past life. Those first few days, she was super nervous, always hugging the back of her kennel and looking pretty unsure about everything going on around her. Despite all that, Dory’s got this tough spirit. It’s clear she’s been through a lot, maybe wandering the streets or waiting for a family that just didn’t show up. Now, she’s here, starting over and holding out for that chance to find a new home where she can finally feel safe and loved.

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

A Premonition Comes True

Oh, and get this – right as I vowed to make Dory feel safe, one of you wonderful supporters sent the coolest gift! A crocheted blanket with “The Scoop” embroidered on it, intended for shelter pups.

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

Dory curled up contently on it as I covered her in more kind words. Draped in that cozy new blanket, she looked just like the sweet pup the blanket’s magic looped stitches portrayed. I’m not lying – it led straight to her gaining enough trust for me to actually scoop her up!

I don’t know if the family who loved her is still out there. But I can picture one day soon when Dory is dreaming carefree on a couch instead of her kennel here. She deserves to feel as adored as she made me feel accepting that surprise blanket.

The Scoop

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

The “scoop” is this little thing I do when I’m trying to build trust with the dogs. It’s basically where I slowly scoop up a treat towards them, kinda guiding it to their nose. It’s simple but super effective. Today, with Dory, it was like a little game that helped us connect. She was hesitant at first, eyes wide and a bit unsure, but as I kept the treats coming closer, you could see her start to relax a bit more each time. It’s these small moments, you know? They might seem like nothing much, but for a nervous dog like Dory, it’s a big step toward trusting someone new and maybe even looking forward to what’s next.

How You Can Help

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

While we’re here making a difference for dogs like Dory, let’s talk about Flip Coffee for a sec. Every time you grab a bag of our coffee, you’re actually pitching in to help out these amazing pups. It’s not just about brewing a great cup of coffee—it’s about giving these dogs a shot at a better life. Our coffee? It’s bold, it’s rich, and every sip supports the cause. So, next time you need a caffeine fix, remember it’s doing some good for these furry friends too.

What’s Next for Dory?

We’ll find out Dory’s full story soon and get her info posted below. But for today, just helping her know she’s a good girl – wrinkles, pouty lip, expressive eyes and all – was the biggest win.

Sitting with dogs 39 - Dory

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