Man Secretly Starts Family Coffee Farm To Fulfill His Dream of Opening Shelter Dog Rehab

What dog lover hasn’t secretly dreamed of operating an animal rescue? During my daydreams, I’ve gone so far as to look up the cost of running a dog shelter, brainstormed names for my imaginary rescue, and pondered my hypothetical schedule. Like most dog lovers, I eventually conclude that I would probably have to win the lottery to make my dream a reality. Oh well. 

Rocky’s avenue to success? A small, family-owned-and-operated coffee farm. 

Luckily, there are much more determined people in the world, and animal lovers willing to take risks and try new things for the sake of their passion. One of those people is Rocky Kanaka, an animal rescue advocate and TV host who devised a secret five-year plan that would eventually culminate in a new sanctuary for the most at-risk rescue dogs.

Man Secretly Starts Family Coffee Farm To Fulfill His Dream of Opening a Dog Rescue

Rocky’s 5-Year Secret Project Revealed

Rocky Kanaka has had his foot in the animal advocacy and dog rescue door for years. His YouTube channel currently has 4.4 million subscribers, and Rocky was nominated for an Emmy thanks to his role as host of Netflix’s Save Our Shelter—needless to say, his advocacy efforts have impacted millions. But, who could have predicted that Rocky’s next venture would be agricultural? 

Rocky Kanaka: animal rescue advocate, Emmy-nominated host, and farmer? 

In a recent video posted to YouTube, Rocky revealed that he has been secretly growing coffee behind the scenes for around five years, and now, he’s opening his own coffee company: Flip Coffee!

Man Secretly Starts Family Coffee Farm To Fulfill His Dream of Opening a Dog Rescue

At first blush, this seems like quite a departure from his usual focus, but Rocky’s reason for learning how to grow coffee makes perfect sense. Like myself and countless other dog lovers, Rocky has always wanted to run an animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center, and he hopes the coffee business will give him the financial boost he needs. 

Flip’s Farm: Dedicated To A Very Special Rehabilitated Boxer


Located on a beautiful piece of land in Southern California is Flip’s Farm where Rocky and his family will grow the beans for Flip Coffee and care for a handful of dogs in need at a time. 

The dogs that come to Flip’s Farm will all be special needs dogs, requiring physical or mental rehabilitation outside of a shelter before they can find forever homes. While at Flip’s, these dogs will live in beautifully built tiny homes and enjoy some TLC from Rocky and his family. Most importantly, these dogs will get the medical and rehabilitative care they need that many public shelters simply can’t afford. 

Man Secretly Starts Family Coffee Farm To Fulfill His Dream of Opening a Dog Rescue

The name, Flip’s Farm, is a dedication to Rocky’s dog Flip who sadly passed away last year. Flip was an adorable little Boxer puppy when Rocky adopted him, but he had to do some healing before he could enjoy puppyhood. Flip had been kept in a kennel so long that his paws had atrophied, so he had to flip his feet out to walk while he was first being rehabilitated. 

Luckily, Flip’s rehabilitation was successful, and he spent the rest of his life happily walking—and running for miles with Rocky—normally. Now, as Rocky starts his new venture to help dogs in need, Flip’s memory will always be there to remind him where it started.  

Supporting Rescue Dogs with Small Batch Coffee

Man Secretly Starts Family Coffee Farm To Fulfill His Dream of Opening a Dog Rescue

If you’re interested in supporting Flip’s Farm, buy a bag of small-batch coffee from Flip Coffee. Certified organic and grown for a good cause, a portion of the proceeds from every sale go to support the rehabilitation of dogs in need. As Rocky says, “If you’re going to be drinking coffee, why not drink it with a purpose?” 

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