Abandoned Days Before Birth, Mama Dog Watches Puppies Get Adopted — Now Awaits Her Turn

Puppies are easy to find homes for. Shelters rarely keep puppies for long, and eager adopters will line up to compete to rescue a young dog. On the other hand, adult and senior dogs are much harder to find homes for, with some becoming long-term residents who spend months or even years at the shelter. Even though puppies quickly grow into adult dogs, there is always more demand for pups than for mature dogs. Unfortunately, even the dogs that create those puppies often get overlooked. 

Abandoned Days Before Birth, Mama Dog Watches Puppies Get Adopted — Now Awaits Her Turn

When a shelter dog gives birth, her puppies are often adopted long before she ever receives an application. It might take a mama dog months to find her forever home, but adopters will begin sending in applications even before her puppies are old enough to leave her side. This is exactly what has happened with an adoptable German Shepherd named Star

Star’s Shelter Arrival: Pregnant & Unwanted

Just two days before she gave birth, Star was dropped off at a Maryland animal shelter with another male dog. Her owners told staff that they didn’t have time for the dogs, and needed to surrender them. Sadly, stories like this are all too common, especially with high-maintenance dog breeds like German Shepherds. The dog breeds animal shelters see most frequently returned include similar working breeds like Huskies and Australian Cattle Dogs, which like German Shepherds, need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. 

Abandoned Days Before Birth, Mama Dog Watches Puppies Get Adopted — Now Awaits Her Turn

Barely having settled into the shelter and still grappling with her owners’ abandonment, Star went into labor and delivered five healthy puppies. Despite her confusion and the new and stressful environment, Star was an amazing mom and a natural at raising her puppies. Luckily, Star and her litter were also transferred to All Shepherd Rescue in Baltimore, Maryland where they could receive some TLC from German Shepherd experts. 

Puppies Go Home, Star Stays At The Shelter

At two months old, the puppies were ready to start finding their forever homes, and the rescue was flooded with applications. Now, almost all of them have left Star’s side to live with their new families, but Star is still waiting for someone to give her the same chance as her puppies at a happy life. 

Perhaps part of the reason Star has struggled to find a home is her health. Sweet Star was neglected in her first home where she was never given proper medical attention, and is still recovering from a case of heartworm and her spay surgery. But none of that is stopping Star from being the friendliest, most social sweetheart ever—she truly loves humans.

Seeking The Perfect Home for Mama Star

Abandoned Days Before Birth, Mama Dog Watches Puppies Get Adopted — Now Awaits Her Turn

“Adopting Star means embracing a loyal companion, an incredibly sweet, friendly, and gorgeous German Shepherd,” says Star’s adoption bio. “Without hesitation, she greets everyone who comes to visit!”

Star is ready for her forever family, and she lets every human she meets know that she would be happy to go home with them. At around 65 pounds with some weight to gain, Star is a stunning black and red German Shepherd with pinprick ears and orange-amber eyes. Like all German Shepherds, Star needs regular exercise, but she is considered moderate energy, and her eager personality and even temperament would make her the perfect hiking or jogging buddy. 

Star also likes other dogs and would be happy to live in a home with another pup or as an only dog. As long as her owners are ready to invest as much in her as she will in them, Star could easily fit into many different households. Right now, Star isn’t the right dog for a family with kids, but a single adult or an adult couple who loves to stay active and spend lots of time with their dog would be perfect for this loving mama. 

If you live near Baltimore, Maryland, and have experience with German Shepherd Dogs, consider filling out an adoption application for Star or any of All Shepherd Rescue’s other adoptable GSDs.  

Abandoned Days Before Birth, Mama Dog Watches Puppies Get Adopted — Now Awaits Her Turn

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