Watch what happens When I Change Her Name From Venom to Honey

Today I’m sitting with a shy girl I met at the shelter named Venom – but let me tell you, that name couldn’t be further from the truth. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew her name had to be something sweet, something like Honey. So, let’s just call her that, shall we?

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First Impressions

When I walked in, there she was, hiding in the shadows of her kennel, a little black dog with eyes full of fear. It’s always tough seeing them like this, knowing that darker dogs often get overlooked. But there was something about Honey that just pulled at my heartstrings. She was nervous, growling a little, but I could tell it was all from uncertainty, not aggression. So, I made it my mission to get to know her, to show her not all humans are to be feared.

Sitting With Dogs - Honey

Breaking the Ice

Taking it slow, I started with treats – the universal peace offering. It’s always a bit of a dance at first, trying to gauge their comfort while respecting their space. Honey was hesitant, but curiosity got the better of her, and soon enough, she was taking treats from my hand. It was a small victory, but in these moments, it’s the little wins that count.

Sitting With Dogs - Honey

Learning Her Story

Ten days in the shelter, and Honey was still shut down, a sign she was struggling. Learning she’d been here before, returned after her owners went on vacation, really hit me hard. This time, they seemed reluctant to come back for her, citing issues with her getting along with their smaller dog and, honestly, it sounded like they didn’t think she was worth the effort or the shelter fees. Hearing this, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of anger and sadness. Honey wasn’t some disposable object; she was a living, feeling being who deserved so much better.

Glimpses of the Dog She Could Be

Sitting With Dogs - Honey

As I spent more time with her, offering treats and gentle words, I saw glimpses of the dog she could be – curious, gentle, maybe even a little playful under all that fear. It was clear she needed someone to believe in her, to give her the chance to show the world her true self.

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👉These are the treats I use when I’m sitting with dogs.

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The Road Ahead

Honey’s journey is far from over. She’s still in the shelter, waiting for someone to see past her fear, past her dark fur, and give her a chance. It’s not going to be easy. She needs patience, understanding, and most of all, time to heal from the neglect she’s faced. But I believe in her. I believe there’s a perfect home out there where she can thrive, be loved, and finally feel safe.

Sitting With Dogs - Honey

A Call to Action

So, here’s where I turn to you. Sharing Honey’s story could be the lifeline she needs. You never know who might see this and realize they’re the hero Honey’s been waiting for. And if you’re feeling that tug on your heartstrings, maybe you’re the one. Remember, it’s not always the easy dogs who bring the most joy. Sometimes, it’s the Honeys of the world, with their resilience and their capacity for forgiveness, who teach us the most about love.

Sitting With Dogs - Honey

Thanks for listening to Honey’s tale. Let’s not let her be just another number, another statistic. Let’s give her, and dogs like her, the chance they deserve. After all, every dog has its day, and I’m here to make sure Honey gets hers.

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