Rescued From Scorching Nevada Desert: St. Bernard’s Ordeal Leaves Him Seeking Loving Home

Fender the Saint Bernard was found emaciated and barely clinging to life, abandoned in the harsh Nevada desert. The gentle giant had been callously dumped, left to fend for himself against deadly rattlesnakes, scorpions, and prowling coyotes in the punishing heat with no food or water. “He was not prepared to survive out there. A good Samaritan saved his life,” says Sandy Comsa, volunteer at Never Forgotten Animal Society rescue.

Rescued From Scorching Nevada Desert: St. Bernard's Ordeal Leaves Him Seeking Loving Home

“Fender is a big cuddly teddy bear that we adore here, but he’s a big boy that needs a home and some space,” Sandy explains. “A shelter is not the best place for him physically or mentally, long term.”

The Unforgiving Nevada Desert

The roughly 1-year-old Saint Bernard has been through a traumatic ordeal in the harsh Nevada desert. He was found wandering in a desolate stretch between towns, suspected of being callously dumped.

“It can be 65-100 miles between towns out here,” Sandy explains. “He was not prepared to forage for food, fight off packs of wild coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions or avoid the deadly dangers like rattlesnakes and scorpions.”

Surviving the Brutal Desert Alone

For a domesticated pet like Fender, surviving alone in the desert would have been nearly impossible. With temperatures easily surpassing 100 degrees, lack of water access is immediately life-threatening. And the arid landscape offers little respite or food sources.

Rescued From Scorching Nevada Desert: St. Bernard's Ordeal Leaves Him Seeking Loving Home

“Dogs dump in rural desert areas face grim fates – dehydration, starvation, snake bites or being torn apart by predatory wildlife like coyotes,” says Sandy solemnly. “Fender was incredibly lucky.”

A Teddy Bear Who’s Been Through Too Much

At the rescue, the 180-pound gentle giant was nursed back to health. “His coat was thick with dirt, sticks, rocks and debris that took weeks to groom out,” Sandy recalls. “Fender was absolutely terrified, afraid of every noise and movement. It was heartbreaking to see such a huge dog so scared of everything around him.”

As Fender recovered, his loving personality emerged. “He’s super sweet but nervous around other dogs, likely from a past bad experience,” says Sandy. “He’s such a mild-mannered, gentle boy who thinks he’s a lapdog! If you sit with him, he puts his head in your lap for pets and rolls over for belly rubs.”

A Forever Home for the Jumbo-Sized Lovebug

Rescued From Scorching Nevada Desert: St. Bernard's Ordeal Leaves Him Seeking Loving Home

While Fender has made immense progress, the rescue is no place for this gentle giant long-term. “He craves the love, companionship and safety of a human in a real home,” Sandy says. “We can only imagine what rough start led to him being so afraid initially.”

Fender doesn’t do well with other pets, so he needs a family to have all to himself. “Let’s face it, with a beautiful boy like Fender, who needs another dog?” Sandy laughs. “He just wants someone to snuggle up with and shower him with the love he deserves after such a harrowing ordeal.”

The Heartbreaking Rise in Callous Dog Dumping

Sadly, Fender’s story is becoming more common amidst the current housing crisis, evictions, and societal stressors causing many to impulsively ditch household pets. The Nevada desert has become a prevalent dumping ground.

“We’re finding so many dogs dumped lately, subjects of owners who just couldn’t care for them anymore,” Sandy says, voice tinged with sadness. “They suffer immensely when abandoned with no food, water, or shelter. It’s an unconscionably cruel fate for a domestic animal.”

If you’re interested in adopting this jumbo-sized lovebug, contact the Never Forgotten Animal Society. They’re a small rescue trying to find Fender the perfect patient, pet-free forever home to make up for his past pains.

Rescued From Scorching Nevada Desert: St. Bernard's Ordeal Leaves Him Seeking Loving Home

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