Rescue Pup’s $23,000 Surgery Bill – And How Their Coffee Business is Saving Him

I’ve got some cool updates for you about our rescue pup Bean and what’s been brewing with Flip Coffee.

Rescue Pup's $23,000 Surgery Bill - And How Their Coffee Business is Saving Him

Bean’s Journey of Healing

First up, let’s talk about Bean. This little guy has really stolen our hearts. After some pretty serious surgeries to fix his broken legs, which set us back about $23,000, Bean is showing us what a fighter he is. Thanks to the incredible support from all of you, we’ve been able to cover a lot of those costs. Seeing him tackle a new toy filled with frozen treats and blueberries just makes your heart swell, you know?

Absolutely, let’s dive a bit deeper into Bean’s situation and his recovery progress!

Rescue Pup's $23,000 Surgery Bill - And How Their Coffee Business is Saving Him

Bean’s Resilience Through Recovery

When Bean first came to us, he was in pretty rough shape with a badly broken leg that hadn’t been treated for days. This poor pup needed two major surgeries to get everything aligned and fixed up. The first surgery was a marathon eight-hour procedure to deal with multiple breaks and a lot of scar tissue. It was intense, but necessary to give Bean a shot at walking properly again.

Post-surgery, Bean has been a trooper. Managing his recovery has involved a lot of careful monitoring and some creative ways to keep him engaged without putting stress on his healing leg. We’ve introduced him to interactive toys and puzzle feeders which have been great for his mental stimulation. It’s his first time trying many of these things, so watching him figure them out is both heartwarming and a bit amusing.

Rescue Pup's $23,000 Surgery Bill - And How Their Coffee Business is Saving Him

The Financial and Medical Roadmap for Bean

Bean’s surgeries were not only complex but also came with a hefty price tag. The first surgery alone, due to the severity of his injuries and the duration required to address them, cost about $16,000 after some discounts. This extensive procedure involved carefully correcting the breaks and removing extensive scar tissue, which was crucial for his recovery. The second surgery was necessary when the initial plates broke, compounding the costs and complexity of his treatment. Altogether, we’re looking at around $23,000 just for these surgeries.

The financial support from our community has been instrumental in covering these costs. However, the journey might not be over financially or medically. If the repairs from these surgeries don’t hold, we are faced with a tough decision. Ideally, Bean’s leg will heal and strengthen over time, but if complications arise, we may have to consider amputation to ensure he has a quality life without pain or further surgeries. It’s a decision we hope not to make, but it’s one we’re prepared for if it means giving Bean a chance at a happier, more active life.

The journey isn’t over yet, but Bean’s spirit and resilience continue to inspire us every day. We’re looking forward to the day when we can share a video of him bounding around, fully recovered and living his best life. Thanks to the community’s support, every step Bean takes towards recovery is a step filled with hope.

What’s New with Flip Coffee

Onto our other baby – Flip Coffee! Starting this business has been a wild ride. We’ve been working to keep our batches small and our quality high, sticking to our guns with organic, ethically sourced beans. And let me tell you, the response has been beyond what we expected! We’re scrambling a bit with the demand, but that’s a good problem to have, right?

We’ve been partnering with a fantastic small batch roaster who gets what we’re about. Keeping things small scale means we can focus on quality over quantity. For those of you asking about decaf and holiday flavors – yes, they are on the horizon! We’re hoping to get these out as we catch up with the current orders. Your patience and enthusiasm mean the world to us.

Looking Forward

Through all of this – Bean’s recovery and the growth of Flip Coffee – we’re reminded daily of the impact your support has. Every purchase, every subscription, every message of encouragement helps us do more for rescue dogs like Bean and keep delivering coffee that you love.

Rescue Pup's $23,000 Surgery Bill - And How Their Coffee Business is Saving Him

We’re planning to keep sharing this journey with you, with more live updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and maybe even some handwritten notes from me! We’re here because of you, and we’re not slowing down. Thanks for being part of our community, for being part of the change we’re all working towards.

Here’s to more updates, more rescued pups, and of course, more great coffee. Thanks for sticking with us, and let’s keep making a difference together!

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