“Is That Me?” – Rescue Dog’s Priceless Reaction When He Meets His Mini-Me

Dogs can’t communicate in words, so we can only guess their thoughts from animated responses. This is especially true when they encounter new things and display unfamiliar behaviors.

Does their unusual conduct mean they are excited? Or do they disapprove? While we may never know, watching them express their opinions is amusing!

Pup's Priceless Reaction To His Lookalike

It’s hard to tell what Yodi feels, but we know he’s passionate about it. It’s not so bad when this toy wags his tail with his back to him. However, when his little sister winds him up and turns him around, he moves away to avoid this strange creature oddly resembling him. Is it a friend or foe?

Mustering up the Courage for Confrontation

Even though he ran out of the room when his sister moved the toy closer, he reconsidered and returned to face his challenger. After assessing the situation and barking several times, he finally gets close enough to sniff it. Unable to identify the ancestry of this scent, he jumps back again. His mom (@LornaLadd) reveals that although he enjoys playing with other dogs, she has never seen him act like this with anyone.

Pup's Priceless Reaction To His Lookalike

Reasons to Rescue

While this adorable boy is a purebred Maltese, he is also a rescue, thanks to the diligence of a reputable breeder who saved him from spending his days locked up in a crate and ensured he eventually ended up with the people he deserved. He now spends his days in beautiful Southern California with his loving family.

Pup's Priceless Reaction To His Lookalike

This little cutie perfectly embodies all the reasons to consider saving instead of shopping. These grateful animals bring more laughter and joy than we could ever ask for.

Check out this video from February 12 to see this little Maltese give his doppelgänger a talking-to!

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