Pit Bull Runs From Rescuers For Two Days Due To Sheer Terror. What Happens Next Is Heartwarming

Finding Cody

In the midst of despair, a pitbull named Cody stood out. His overwhelming fear was evident to all who tried to approach him. For two relentless days, rescuers attempted to catch him, but Cody’s anxiety was unmistakable. “It’s like trying to calm a dog that’s completely freaked out,” said John, a seasoned dog handler. “I couldn’t guarantee he’d be okay in a few months.”

Building Trust

John gaining Cody's trust

When the team finally managed to get close to Cody, the depth of his fear became even more apparent. He chewed through three leashes and adamantly refused to enter the crate meant for him. John recalled the challenge, “We couldn’t even get him into a car. After two and a half hours, he looked at me as if to say, ‘You expect me to trust you now?'”

But John wasn’t about to give up. He knew that to help Cody, he had to earn the dog’s trust. “I needed to prove myself to him,” John said. Instead of pushing Cody, John decided on a different approach. “Let’s just hang out,” he proposed to the scared pup. “Let’s get some fresh air. Even if it takes us four hours to walk 50 feet outside, we’ll do it. I promise you’ll enjoy it more than being cooped up in here.”

A New Beginning

John and Cody

With patience and persistence, Cody began to show signs of improvement. The once terrified dog started to trust and even enjoy his time outside. As days turned into weeks, John knew Cody was ready to find a forever home. “When I saw others interacting with him without me around, I knew he was ready,” John shared.

Cody's new family

Cody’s transformation caught the attention of many, leading to numerous adoption applications. Among the interested families, one stood out. They were willing to meet Cody multiple times, understanding his need for slow introductions. Tony, the head of the family, recalled their first meeting, “His eyes drew me in. He was so calm, and the kids adored him.”

Home at Last

Cody happy in the park

After an overnight stay, it was clear that Cody had found his family. “He came to greet me in the morning and then immediately went back to my daughter. I knew he was home,” Tony said with a smile. Despite Cody’s evident traumatic past, the family celebrated every small victory. “Seeing him come out of his shell and do normal dog things is a huge win for us,” Tony added, “When his tail wags, we’re on cloud nine.”

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