Scared Mama Pittie Won’t Trust Me Until I Try This…

I want to share a story that’s really hit home for me. It’s about a dog named Kuma. Her story is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

When I first met Kuma, it wasn’t her obvious black and white coloring that caught my eye. It was the subtle, tiny speckles that spoke volumes about her past. These little marks can tell us a lot about what a dog has been through, and Kuma’s story is one that needs to be heard.

Kuma’s Body Bears The Scars of Overbreeding

At first glance, one might mistake Kuma for a young pup, but her weary eyes and worn-out body tell a different story. Found by a good samaritan and left in the shelter’s night drop, Kuma’s life has been one of hardship. Despite her youthful appearance, this black and white pitbull has mothered multiple litters, her body bearing the scars of overbreeding and neglect. It’s not uncommon for some unethical backyard breeders to abandon the mother after their body can no longer sustain breeding, or it wasn’t profitable enough.

Sitting With Dogs - Kuma

Kuma Was Dumped

Whether she couldn’t have puppies anymore or her breeders just didn’t find her profitable, Kuma was dumped. Left in the Shelter Night Drop in the dead of night, she became another silent victim of unethical breeding.

Shelters can be tough – all those dogs barking, it’s a lot. But it’s also a place where good things happen, thanks to volunteers like Kristy who work hard to help dogs like Kuma regain their confidence. Because let’s face it, when people go to a shelter, they’re usually looking for a dog that’s confident.

Sitting With Dogs - Kuma

As I called her over, “Come here, darling. That’s a good girl,” I could see the physical toll her past had taken on her. Those spots, a result of constant breeding and no time for recovery, were a stark reminder of her past. Kuma needs a good diet and proper nutrition to get her coat back in shape and to regain her overall health.

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Her little feet, trembling and hesitant, and her frozen state spoke louder than words about her past trauma. But as I held her, whispering, “You’re gonna be okay, I promise,” I could feel her heartbeat slow down, moving from anxiety to a semblance of calm. It’s something else, feeling that trust start to build, even just a bit.

Let’s bring stories like Kuma’s out of the shadows

My mission is to bring stories like Kuma’s out of the shadows. I hope that by sharing her story, someone out there will be moved to open their heart and home to her, giving her the time and patience she needs to recover.

I’m Offering A Year’s Supply of Food To Whoever Adopts Kuma

To help with her recovery, I’m offering a year’s supply of food from our sponsor, Sundays for Dogs, to whoever adopts her. You can find more info at Please, help me share Kuma’s story to increase her chances of finding a forever home.

Kuma is waiting for a home at Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, California. More info about her can be found through the link below. Together, with a bit of love, patience, and a helping hand, we can turn Kuma’s story into one of hope and love.

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