Peekapoos: One of the Oldest Designer Mutts

Peekaboo, I see you! What’s that I’m looking at? A Peekapoo—a dog that’s part Pekingese and part Poodle! 

Small dogs with big hearts, Peekapoos have fans all over the world and have been popular designer mixed-breed dogs for more than a decade. Most people have probably seen a few Peekapoos in their lifetime, whether they know it or not. 

In this guide, we’re answering common questions about this breed and touching on what life with a Peekapoo is like. 

5 Adorable Peekapoos from Instagram

How could we start a guide to Peekapoos any other way than with a look at a few examples of the breed? Peekapoos are fluffy, stocky, and prone to having underbites that add to their goofy personalities. Here are five dogs that are Pekingese mixed with Poodle, and absolutely positively 100% adorable. 

1. Poppy

a Peekapoo

Source: @PoppyThePeekapoo on Instagram

Poppy has one of the cutest little underbites we’ve ever seen, and she struts that beautiful smile all over Vancouver where she lives with her family. Just a few years old, this happy pup is most definitely a favorite child!

2. Remington

a Peekapoo
Source: @Vearil2014

Every bit as distinguished as his name suggests, Remington is a sweet 8-year-old Peekapoo from Ohio who can’t say no to a chew!

3. Handsome Pete

a Peekapoo
Source: @HandsomePetePup

Step aside, everyone, the king of underbites is here: Handsome Pete! This gorgeous Peekapoo is from Austin, Texas, and believe it or not: he’s a vegan dog!

4. Kora

a Peekapoo
Source: @TheGorrieZoo

Kora is just one of the many animals in the Gorrie family, but she might just be the cutest! This little Peekapoo has some of the sweetest puppy eyes we’ve ever seen.

5. Petty

a Peekapoo
Source: @t.masumasumasuma

Petty is a little traveling pup who loves to visit new places with her humans! Born in 2013, Petty is 10 years old, but still has tons of spunk and energy. 

Peekapoo Basic Info

The Peekapoo is a mixed breed dog, usually 50% Pekingese and 50% toy or miniature Poodle. Small in stature but large in personality, these little dogs can be excellent companions that like to spend their time close to their humans. 

Pekapoos may not be an official breed, but chances are you’ve probably met one or two in your lifetime. A relatively common mix, Peekapoos are often sold as designer breeds but are also fairly regular arrivals at shelters and humane societies. It’s important to note that even “designer” Peekapoos are not necessarily guaranteed to be well-bred, and may not be solely a mix of Pekingese and Poodle. 

Peekapoo Personality

The average Peekapoo is a loving, loyal, attentive dog who will happily spend all their time with you and your family. Extremely devoted to their humans, Peekapoos are so attached to their humans that they can sometimes be prone to separation anxiety and attention-seeking behaviors. Because Peekapoos are often intelligent, these behaviors can typically be addressed with proper mental stimulation, routine, and establishing clear boundaries, routines, and expectations. 

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Often very good with children and other animals, Peekapoos have become a popular choice for families. Their small size also makes them appealing, but be aware that some can have slightly domineering personalities and moderate prey drive. 

In all, Peekapoos are a relatively easy dog breed to keep, especially for lower-activity households, or for apartment/small home dwellers.

a Peekapoo
Source: @dundun_the_cutie

How Big Do Peekapoos Get?

Because the breeding of Peekapoos is unregulated, it’s pretty difficult to guarantee exactly how big your Peekapoo will be. Some Peekapoos have toy Poodle ancestry, while others are the offspring of slightly larger miniature Poodles. Others will have breeds beyond Pekingese and Poodle in their ancestral line and may grow to be even larger than the average Peeks. 

In general, Peekapoos stand at about 9–13 inches high and weigh between 6–20 lbs. 

What Health Problems Do Peekapoos Have?

Despite being sturdy little dogs, Peekapoos are known to develop a number of ailments, including breathing issues, eye and vision problems, and joint problems. Like many small dogs, Peekapoos are also prone to dental disease, and often require regular cleanings. 

Where Can I Find Peekapoo Puppies For Sale Near Me?

The best place to find a mutt or mixed breed dog like the Peekapoo is by visiting your local shelter or humane society or searching online for local rescue groups that specialize in small breeds, Pekingese, or Poodles. While you can find Peekapoo breeders, the vast majority of Peekapoos are from unethical breeding programs and accidental litters. 

Pekingese Poodle Mix FAQ

After going over all of that information, you’re bound to have some more questions! We’ve gathered the top questions about the Pekingese Poodle mix, and now it’s time to offer up some answers. 

What is a Peekapoo dog?

A Peekapoo is any dog whose ancestry is majority Pekingese and Poodle! Some Peekapoos are a perfect 50/50 split of these breeds, while others are mixed with different dog breeds, or are more one breed than the other. As long as there’s some Pekingese and some Poodle in your dog’s parentage, they’re a Peekapoo!

Do Peekapoo dogs bark a lot?

When happy and content, Peekapoos are not typically very vocal dogs. However, when left alone, frustrated, or feeling ignored, Peekapoos do tend to bark for attention. In some cases, Peekapoos can also be quite reactive and may bark at strangers, other dogs, people entering the house, sounds at night, etc. 

As mentioned above, Peekapoos are quite smart, so it’s entirely possible to work with them to redirect this behavior. 

Do Peekapoo dogs shed?

Yes! Peekapoos shed, some more than others. Pekingese are moderate year-round shedders who may also have larger seasonal sheds. Poodles are low-shedding dogs but still drop some fur and dander. Both breeds require regular grooming and upkeep of their fur and are prone to matting which can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for their skin. 

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It’s also important to remember that some Peekapoos will shed more than others since there is no breed standard. 

Are Peekapoos healthy?

Peekapoos are prone to a number of health issues including eye and vision issues, breathing problems, joint pain and dysplasia, and more. While it’s not guaranteed that all Peekapoos will develop these issues, they are important to look out for when you choose to take in a Peekapoo. 

Pekingese are brachycephalic and have been bred to have shorter noses and flat faces. Because of this, Peekapoos often have bulging eyes that can easily be injured or exposed to irritants and a poorly formed airway that can cause severe breathing trouble. 

Do Peekapoos need to be groomed?

Yes! Peekapoos should be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks and should be brushed regularly to prevent matting between grooms. Grooming is extremely important for Peekapoos, and anyone interested in one of these dogs should also factor in the cost and effort of grooming. 

Are Peekapoos good with kids?

Yes! Peekapoos are usually very good with kids and enjoy spending time with them if they are well-behaved. However, Peekapoos can also be a little reactive and domineering and may try to correct or corral children when they become rowdy. 

Because Peekapoos are small dogs, it’s also important that your children be mindful of their safety and comfort. Many small dogs do better in homes with children over 10 who are able to control their impulses and reactions better than younger children. 

How much does a Peekapoo cost?

Despite not being an official or regulated breed, Peekapoos can cost a pretty penny. When purchased from a breeder, Peekapoo puppies typically cost $400—$1,500. In some rare cases, breeders may try to charge even more than this.

There are also lots of Peekapoos available for adoption, and at shelters, they typically cost between $150–$300.  

Is the Peekapoo hypoallergenic?

No! The Peekapoo is not hypoallergenic! In fact, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Dogs billed as hypoallergenic are typically low-shedding, but humans can still be just as allergic to these breeds. Humans can be allergic to dog dander, dog saliva, and dog urine—while low-shedding dogs drop less dander, they can still trigger allergies through their saliva and urine, and the dander they drop when you groom them. 

Some people may find that low-shedding dogs do not trigger allergic reactions as readily as higher-shedding dogs, but they can still be allergic to them. 

Where can you find Peekapoo puppies for adoption?

The best way to find Peekapoo puppies for adoption is to search online, visit your local rescues, and look for breed-specific rescues. Puppies go quickly, so you’ll need to be prepared to fill out and submit an application once you find the pup for you. 

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While puppies are a lot of fun, we encourage you to consider adopting an adult or older dog! Older dogs don’t need to go through the potty training phase for quite as long, are less bitey, and usually sleep through the night.

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